2011 Ford Mondeo: Moscow debut

The Ford Mondeo 2011

The 2011 tweaked and tucked Ford Mondeo

Ford has nipped and tucked the Mondeo for 2011 – and fitted new engines – and will debut it at the Moscow Motor Show in August. On sale October.

Ford have given the Mondeo a tweak or two to keep it fresh and have decided the ideal place to debut it is at the Moscow Motor Show in August. They’ve also sent us pictures so we can have a look at the cosmetic changes for the first time.

We’ve covered all the news on the 2011 Mondeo’s engine upgrades – the 2.0 litre EcoBoost boasts and the three flavours of 2.0 litre Duratorq TDCi – and the new PowerShift six-speed, double-wet-clutch ‘box, so what is the Blue Oval offering up in the way of cosmetic changes?

The Mondeo was already a good looking car, so major change was unlikely. But Ford are progressing their Kinetic design language and have nipped and tucked the Mondeo in the same way they have the S-MAX and Galaxy.

The main changes on the exterior include new bumpers, new grill, LED running lights up front, new rear lights using LED tech and a more bulbous bonnet.

Inside there’s a new centre console (although Ford haven’t seen fit to send us interior photos), tweaks to the door cards and, Ford say, new trim materials to enhance the premium feel. There’s other stuff too, such as a new SatNav, new Sound System and LED courtesy lights.

Nothing too dramatic, but enough to keep the very good Mondeo fresh and desirable for a while longer.

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