2012 Ferrari California now on video

2012 Ferrari California

2012 Ferrari California on video

The 2012 Ferrari California is a facelifted and tweaked version of the original California, revealed at the Geneva Motor Show and now on Video.

It wouldn’t be a big surprise if the facelift for the Ferrari California had passed you by.

Ferrari revealed details of the 2012 facelift for the California in February and debuted it at the Geneva Motor Show in March, but with the new Ferrari F12 bowing in at Geneva the tweaks to the California took a distinct back seat. Which is a bit of a shame.

Despite sitting as the entry point for Ferrari ownership, the California is a proper GT car, and a proper GT car with a trick folding roof at that. For 2012 it gets an extra 30 horses and loses 30kg in weight and you can also add the Handling Package Speciale for an extra £4,320 on top of the California’s base price of £152,060.

The Handling Package promises to make the 2012 California a much sharper performer than before with magnetic dampers, stiffer springs and a faster turn-in thanks to smaller steering wheel angles from the new steering box.

Surprisingly, Ferrari has been slow in delivering much in the way of images of the California’s tweaks, but they have manged to deliver this video of the new California playing in the hills around Marenello.

Which is worth two minutes of your time.

2012 Ferrari California Video

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