2012 Mercedes SL: Official photos arrive

2012 Mercedes SL

2012 Mercedes SL Official Photos

Today we have official photos of the 2012 Mercedes SL, thanks not to Mercedes Benz, but a German car forum.

Yesterday we had the first photo of the 2012 Mercedes SL after a scan of Mercedes new SL turned up on the web. We expected that leak would galvanise Mercedes-Benz to bring forward the release of official photos of the SL a bit ( we were expecting them tomorrow), but it hasn’t so far. But the official photos of the new SL have arrived anyway.

German Car Forum has revealed a raft of 40 photos of the 2012 / 2013 SL ahead of Mercedes, so as they are undoubtedly the official photos of the new Sport Light we thought you might just like to see them.

Looking like Mercedes has thrown the old SL, the new Mercedes SLK and the SLS in to a blender and melded them all together, the 2012 SL is a bolder statement than the current SL, with a more upright grill and a definite boxier look all together.

The interior looks a good mix of nice leathers, interesting features and some real-looking wood – which is an improvement. We still have no idea what Mercedes are going to offer under the bonnet, but the starting point will probably be the 3.5 litre V6 and 4.6 litre V8, although there’s a fighting chance we may see a powerful turbo diesel offered from the start.

All that’s left is the full details from Mercedes.

2012 Mercedes SL Official Leak Photo Gallery

(39 photos – click any thumbnail for full gallery)

Source: German Car Forum

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