2013 Hyundai ix35 Facelift revealed

We have the first picture of the facelift for the 2013 Hyundai ix35 – which will debut at the Geneva Motor Show. Although it’s a small facelift.

2013 Hyundai ix35 Facelift

We’ve been expecting a facelift for the Hyundai ix35 to appear before Geneva, especially after we spotted an ix35 FCEV floating around in Korea last year with a new, more convincing nose.

Hyundai were adamant that the FCEV didn’t herald a similar makeover for the normal ICE versions of the ix35, but when we ran news of the first ix35 FCEV rolling off the production lines the other day we did wonder if perhaps Hyundai were being a bit economical with the actualité (heaven forbid). But they weren’t.

We now have the first picture of the 2013 Hyundai ix35 showing off its facelift, but we wonder if they should send it back to the man who penned this Rhinoplasty to get him to finish the job? We’re struggling to see what’s been done, the touch is so light.

As far as we can see, the ix35 consists of an update to the lights and the smallest of changes to the grill – which now seems to be colour coded – and some new alloys. It seems the interior is also getting a quality upgrade and there are tweaks to the engines.

It’s not enough to scare owners of the current ix35 in to the showroom to update their ‘old’ ix35, but it is a ‘facelift’.

We’ll update when we get more from Hyundai.

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