2014 Range Rover by OVERFINCH revealed

Overfinch, the original Range Rover titivators, have revealed their 2014 Overfinch Range Rover with numerous customisations.

Photo 2014 Overfinch Range Rover

The 2014 Overfinch Range Rover (pictured) revealed

The world is full of customisers who will take your Range Rover and make it more individual, but there is one such company that has the credibility of a history of making Range Rovers more appealing and, on the whole, doing it in a more subtle way than many of the newcomers – Overfinch.

The 2014 Overfinch Range Rover has been revealed as ‘the world’s most luxurious SUV’ (according to Overfinch) with a huge range of options to make Overfinch’s Range Rover as individual as your tastes – and bank account – will allow.

Overfinch has added their traditional three cooling apertures in the front bumper – complete with lacquered carbon fibre treatment – and the new back bumper, side skirts and roof spoiler are all made from carbon fibre too, perfectly in tune with the new Range Rover’s lighter ethos, and there’s a set of cast tailpipes by Overfinch at the back.

The Overfinch Range Rover rides on 22 or 23″ Overfinch wheels (now Land Rover offers 22″ wheels for the Range Rover the Overfinch wheel options are no longer as extreme) in Zeus, Osprey and Xenon designs in a choice of colours and diamond-turned finishes.

Inside, Overfinch has been quite subtle (although you can be as extreme as you like when you start speccing your car) with a choice of two seat designs – Solitaire (with diamond-stitched perforated leather) or Mercury (with contrast stitching and micro-piping accents) – in Weir leather, a choice of Overfinch veneers and leather colour schemes.

Overfinch boss, Kevin Sloane, said:

The designs and attention to detail of the all new Overfinch Range Rover continue to build on our 40-year-old history enhancing Land Rover vehicles.

We have created unique, distinctive aspects for the current model – such as handlaid carbon fibre bodystyling – that simply cannot be found in any other Range Rover.

Our niche clientele demands this level of attention to detail and it is a perfect example of British craftsmanship at its very best.

There are no prices for the 2014 Overfinch Range Rover – price depends very much on individual options – but the starting point will be well in to Bentley territory.

But, if you must titivate your new Range Rover, Overfinch is the right way to go.

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