2014 Range Rover Sport: First Official photos

We have the first official photos of the 2014 Range Rover Sport ahead of its launch later today in a ‘drive-through’ reveal in New York.

Photo 2014 Range Rover Sport

The 2014 Range Rover Sport is Land Rover’s love child of the new Range Rover and the Range Rover Evoque, and is due to debut later today in a drive through New York ahead of a showing at the 2013 New York Auto Show.

But, despite Land Rover’s best efforts, the reveal of the new Range Rover Sport has not exactly gone to plan.

We revealed last month that the new Range Rover Sport will debut at the New York Auto Show and we were able to pin that down further when we published an invitation to the new Sport’s reveal on 26th March a few days after that news. Which didn’t please Land Rover.

That revelation led to Land Rover starting the tease for the RRS’s reveal with Land Rover telling us the Sport would drive through New York on its live debut, and giving us a few blurry images and bits of detail.

But that tease soon became redundant as the guys tasked with tinting the Sport’s windows for a photo shoot took to Facebook to reveal their work, and the new Range Rover Sport was revealed to the world in all its glory, somewhat sooner than Land Rover planned.

So when our news feeds this morning told us that Autofilou had published the first official photos of the new Range Rover Sport ahead of tonight’s NYC reveal, we thought we may as well republish them for you to see.

They don’t show us much more than we already saw with the leaked photos from the window tinters; a new Range Rover Sport with cues clearly taken from both the new Range Rover and Evoque.

But the photos do make the RRS look even more appealing than those from the window tinter, and if Land Rover have managed to deliver a new Sport that goes as well as it looks, the new Range Rover Sport should finally be the car it always promised to be.

More on the 2014 Range Rover Sport tonight when Land Rover finally have their New York driving debut

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  1. Peter Breeds says

    Really not sure of the way their going the evoque was a massive success but do all the other models have to follow just on a different scale? Cause that’s all that seems to be happening to me..

  2. Chris says

    First there was the tint shop in NYC leak. And now this. Someone in JLR needs to be either reprimanded or sacked.

    The same happened with the Jaguar F-type.

  3. Brian79 says

    Range Rover’s product is becoming more ‘Cheshire WAG’ with every new model, but it suits the Sport. I really hope the new Range Rover Sport lives up to its promise and delivers X5 levels of on road ability.

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