Cars UK has a passion for all things car.

Run from a small office in rural Essex (with lots of interesting driving roads on the doorstep) we are a bunch of Petrol-Heads with a passion for all that goes on in the car world, both in the UK and around the world.

Inevitably run by opinionated know-alls – with a mission to bring the latest Car News to our readers in an informal way, with a big dose of subjective editorial in the mix – we’re kept in check (most of the time) by a balancing view from the girls on the team.

Although the inclination is for the fastest and most expensive cars that come our way, such is the passion for cars that you’ll find news, comment and reviews on anything from a G-Wiz to a Bugatti. After all, if it has wheels and an engine there is always fun to be had. Well, maybe not in the G-Wiz.

We love to hear comment on the news and cars we bring you, and we’d also love to hear suggestions on anything you would like to see. And if you have an interesting bit of car news we’ve missed, just drop us a line, and if we use the information you send us we’ll joyfully give you a credit.

Regular Writers

Cars UK has a small staff of six, with occasional guest posts from non-staffers. To reach any of our regular writers please use the contact page.

  • John Overend (Editor)
  • Vince Pringle
  • Carla Power
  • Claire Overend
  • Chris Murphy
  • Eliott Farr
  • Richard Madeley (Guest Writer)