Alfa Romeo 4C: Interior revealed & 236bhp on offer

Alfa Romeo has revealed the interior of the Alfa 4C ahead of its debut at Geneva 2013 and confirmed 236bhp from its 1750cc engine.

Alfa Romeo 4C Interior picture

Alfa Romeo finally got round to revealing the new Alfa 4C a week or so ago, ahead of its public debut in Geneva, but there were a few crucial details left uncovered  But now, as Geneva gets closer, Alfa has revealed more on the 4C, but is still keeping some details hidden.

We get the first view of the interior of the 4C, which is pretty impressive. Lots of exposed carbon fibre is on offer with the dashboard and door panels getting an ‘Asphalt’ treatment to make you thing ‘Road’ and ‘Alfa 4C’ as synonymous.

The pedals are made of aluminium, the seats of a composite material (and leather trimmed with red stitching), the instruments are digital and the gear shift is on the steering wheel. Alfa say the interior design “allows the driver to keep everything under control without distractions from controls that would be superfluous on this type of car”.

Alfa has also finally confirmed the 4C will get a not massive 236bhp from its four-cylinder turbo petrol engine, but when you remember the 4C is a featherweight that should still be enough for a 0-62mph in the region of 5 seconds. Hopefully, there’s a more powerful version in the offing later.

Alfa hasn’t confirmed performance figures for the 4C yet, and nor have they come up with a price (expect around £50k). What does seem likely is that the new 4C – which will go on sale before the end of 2013 – will be limited to 1,000 units in Europe.

So if you want an Alfa 4c, you probably need to start pestering your Alfa Romeo dealer.

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  1. Me says

    1000 cars ? Sounds more like a publicity gag and marketing campaign for the brand, then a serious production model.

    And why the heck do we only get CGI graphics instead of real-life photos, if that is the “production version” ?

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