(Another) Top 10 Stolen Cars List

We have another list of the most stolen cars in the UK in 2011-2012, this one from online car insurer Swiftcover. And it’s the Land Rover Defender at the top.

Photo of 2012 Land Rover Defender

Who’d have thought it? The Land Rover Defender is the most stolen car in the UK. Well, sort of.

Swiftcover – an online car insurance company – has compiled a list of the most stolen cars (or at least the most stolen cars of those they insure) and have come to the conclusion that the Land Rover Defender is the most stolen car of all. But that’s because they’ve used a weighting index based on the number of cars stolen vs the number insured.

As we’ve not seen the Defender turn up on other ‘Most Stolen Cars‘ lists we must assume that Swiftcover have been insuring a disproportionate number of Defenders (perhaps their quotes are particularly competitive for the Defender?), but the rest of the list is pretty much made up of quality cars from Land Rover and the big three German premium makers – Audi, BMW and Mercedes.

Swiftcover seem to think it’s surprising that its quality cars that are targeted, especially as they tend to reside in well-off areas on private drives. But they’re targeted because there’s a ready overseas market for stolen premium cars (if yours is nicked it’s probably in a crate at Felixstowe before you know it’s gone),

And, let’s face it, if you’re going to nick a car you may as well nick a £75k Range Rover as a £5k Fiesta. If only for the salvage parts.

Top 10 Stolen Cars 2011-2012

  1. Land Rover Defender
  2. BMW 7 Series
  3. Audi A5
  4. BMW X5
  5. Mercedes ML
  6. Range Rover
  7. Audi TT
  8. BMW Z4
  9. Audi A3
  10. Renault Laguna (!)

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