Are you a MINI driver? +video

Are you a 'Cool' MINI Driver?

Are you a 'Cool' MINI Driver?

MINI have produced a promo video intimating that only the young and cool drive a MINI.

That’s the question MINI are asking in their latest video.

What’s the difference between a MINI driver and anyone else? It would seem that MINI think it’s about being cool; fun; young. They may be right. But they should probably have thrown in a few ‘older-cool’ images in to this video. The dog’s a decent touch though.

It’s nothing more than an advert. A well-done advert. And a lot better focused than the ‘Twins’ videos MINI did to tease the Roadster and Coupe. So perhaps MINI are targeting a little better. I suppose they catered for the older MINI driver with the recent reminiscing by Paddy Hopkirk and Rauno Altonen in a MINI JCW Cabrio in Monte Carlo.

Or maybe MINI feel that older people don’t need to be ‘Sold’ on MINI.

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