Aston Martin Sale: InvestIndustrial (& AMG) look to have won

It looks like the sale of a chunk of Aston Martin is going to InvestIndustrial, promising Mercedes AMG technology for AML.Photo of new Aston Martin Vanquish

Just last week, Aston Martin finally confirmed the the Kuwait Investment Dar was looking to off-load a chunk of its shareholding in AML. And now it looks like a deal is done.

The Times of India are reporting that Mahindra & Mahindra – one of the two front-runners vying to buy in to Aston Martin – have pulled out of the negotiations, leaving former Ducati owners InvestIndustrial as almost certainly Aston Martin’s potential saviours.

There are arguments on both side of the coin between Mahindra and InvestIndustril, with Mahindra having deeper pockets for on-going investment in AML – which desperatley needs new platforms and new engines – and InvestIndustrial potentially offering instant access to already existing technology from Mercedes via their relationship with AMG.

On balance, InvestIndustrial – if it does indeed bring AMG fettled platforms and engines to Gaydon – must be the best bet for Aston Martin’s future health, and a quick return to health at that.

Perhaps now we can look to the next Aston Martin DB9/Vanquish being built on the SLS AMG platform with Aston Martin fettled versions of AMG’s engines. Perhaps also the planned revival of Lagonda can finally move forward, with Mercedes platforms underpinning a Lagonda SUV and Lagonda super saloon.

More as soon as we get it.

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