Audi A2 EV won’t make production – but you knew that

Audi has revealed that it’s dropped plans to put the A2 electric concept – first revealed at Frankfurt 2011 – in to production.

Photo of Audi A2 EV

Audi’s efforts to recreate the innovation it showed with the original Audi A2 – and its cutting-edge design (for the time – 1999) and aluminium, lightweight body – by launching a new electric A2 based on the concept we saw at Frankfurt in 2011 have hit the buffers. But you already knew that.

Back in June 2012 we reported that the Audi A2 EV wouldn’t make production as Audi had decided that the market simply wasn’t there for a £40k electric city runaround. Now that appears to have been confirmed by Audi in conversation with Autocar.

The Audi A2 was to be Audi’s take on the BMW i3, offering a sandwich floor (like the original Mercedes A Class) to accommodate the batteries and a 114bhp electric motor driving the front wheels with the promise of a 125 mile range (in perfect conditions) after a four hour charge.

Audi’s decision to drop plans for the A2 EV are another sign that the motor industry is finally waking up and realising that car buyers aren’t interested in electric cars that offer poor range and high cost, and would rather have high-efficiency diesel and petrol cars.

Many are proclaiming 2013 will see a surge in EV sales. We think it more likely that 2013 will see the motor industry waking up to the futility of marketing over-priced EVs with technology that just isn’t a viable replacement for the ICE car we know.


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