Audi takes a dig at BMW, Lexus & Mercedes in new video commercials

Ahead of the Super Bowl advert wars, Audi has revealed a quartet of video commercials taking a dig at Mercedes, BMW and Lexus.

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Audi takes a dig at BMW, Lexus & Mercedes in new video commercials

We’ve had a little spat between Jaguar and Mercedes recently over Mercedes’ Chicken Magic Body Control, with Jaguar’s Big Cat eating Mercedes MBC Chicken and now, ahead of what seems a likely airing in the Super Bowl advert slots, Audi is taking a pop at everyone.

Audi are bigging-up the Audi A3 saloon ahead of its arrival in the USA with a quartet of commercials demonstrating the regret buyers have if they’ve already opted for a Mercedes, BMW or Lexus.

We get a video on ‘Luxury Car Abstinence’, one of ‘Shame’, one on Buyer’s Remorse’ and one on ‘Lessons’ with the theme being that you should save yourself for the best – the Audi A3 Saloon – and not bother with the also-rans.

The excuses for having bought an ‘inferior’ Lexus, BMW or Mercedes run from peer pressure to unsolicited emails and ‘dad’ manages to extol the virtues of waiting for the ‘right one’ with a dose of sexual innuendo.

In truth, they’re not the best adverts we’ve seen, but if they open up the possibility of Lexus, Mercedes and BMW retaliating in style, then we’re all for it.

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