January 27, 2015

Toyota to raise £1 MILLION for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day

Photo Toyota Red Nose Comic Relief

Toyota has revealed it plans to raise at least £1 million for Comic Relief on Red Nose day in March with sales of red noses for cars and other events. We’re not entirely sure what car news outlets across the globe made of Toyota UK’s announcement that the RND Concept was nothing more than a […]

Jaguar XE off on a road trip with Idris Elba

Photo Jaguar XE Idris Elba

The new Jaguar XE will soon start hitting UK roads, and Jaguar have recruited another celebrity – this time actor Idris Elba – to help get the XE message out. No one can dispute the rise and rise of Jaguar Land Rover in recent years, so JLR’s fondness for recruiting celebrity names to promote their […]

Renault KADJAR SUV heading for Geneva Motor Show reveal as a bigger take on the Captur

Photo Renault KADJAR Spy

The Renault KADJAR is on its way as a bigger take on the Renault Captur, with Renault starting to trail the KADJAR across social media ahead of a 2015 Geneva Motor Show reveal. The world and its dog continues its love affair with high-riding crossovers and SUVs – from the most compact to the most gargantuan – […]

Top Gear Tonight: Racing through St Petersburg, Lamborghini Huracan & SIARPC Ed Sheeran

Photo Top Gear's Clarkson, Hammond, May & Stig start the race in St Petersburg

Top Gear is back with a new series (Series 22 Episode 1) with the Lamborghini Huracan, racing through St Petersburg and Ed Sheeran as SIARPC. Top Gear returns tonight (25 January 2015) with episode 1 of series 22, and it looks promising. The main item tonight is a return to the format that saw Messrs […]

Peugeot 308 GT Hatch and 308 GT SW (estate) on sale – costs from £24,095

Photo Peugeot 308 GT Hatch and 308 GT SW (estate)

The Peugeot 308 GT – and the 308 GT SW (estate) – go on sale in the UK from £24,095 for the Hatch and £26,845 for the SW. First deliveries March 2015. The Peugeot 308 GT arrived at the 2014 Paris Motor Show as the most powerful 308 to date. Not exactly a 308 GTi […]

Jaguar Land Rover drives 2014 rise in UK car production

Photo Jaguar Land Rover drives 2014 rise in UK car production

UK car production rose in 2014 by 1.2% – despite problems in Russia and Europe – with Jaguar Land Rover the big success – up 7.3% on 2013. Car sales in the UK for 2014 were the best in a decade, but that reflects the recovery of the UK economy and includes all cars – […]

Rowan Atkinson’s McLaren F1 for sale – at £8 million

Photo Rowan Atkinson selling his McLaren F1

Blackadder and Mr Bean actor Rowan Atkinson is selling his beloved McLaren F1 after owning it from new and two nasty prangs. He want £8 million. As McLaren F1 owners go, Rowan Atkinson is in a league of his own as an owner who’s owned it since new and drives it rather than keeping it […]

Toyota’s RND Concept is actually a ‘RED NOSE’ for Comic relief!

Photo Toyota Red Nose Day

The mysterious Toyota RND Concept turns out to a RED Nose (RND – Red Nose Day) for Comic Relief. So expect a proliferation of cars with Red Noses. A couple of days ago, we had an odd press release from Toyota telling us about a new ‘Concept’ that was launching on 26 January that would […]

McLaren 675 LT heading for Geneva reveal as a hard-core 650S to take on the Ferrari 458 Speciale

Photo McLaren 675 LT

It looks like a McLaren 675 LT is heading for a debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March as a lighter, more powerful and more focused 650S. Is the McLaren 675 LT – if that’s what this new hardcore take on the 650S is to be called – the much-anticipated McLaren that will fit […]

Toyota Mirai Hydrogen FCV production increased to deal with unexpected demand

Photo Toyota Mirai FCV Production Increase

Following Toyota’s recent announcement that orders for the hydrogen-powered Mira FCV exceed expectations, production is being increased. Toyota’s expectations for sale of the Mirai – their new hydrogen-powered FCV saloon car – were understandably conservative. But they’ve been caught on the hop in Japan, where the Mirai is already on sale, with orders for 1500 […]

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