April 24, 2014

Toyota Auris Hybrid & Yaris Hybrid sales up. Prius sales down.

Photo of Toyota Auris Hybrid & Yaris Hybrid

Toyota is reporting strong sales for September, with the Auris Hybrid and Yaris Hybrid performing well. But Prius sales are down. Toyota are reporting strong sales for September – with the launch of the new 62 plate – with an 18.6 per cent jump in sales for a market share of 4.41 percent. Strong figures. Probably the […]

2013 VW Beetle Convertible arrives

Photo of red 2013 VW Beetle Convertible

The new 2013 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible has been revealed ahead of a launch at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November. A year on from the news of  the UK versions of the new VW Beetle, Volkswagen has spilled the beans on its soft top sibling - the 2013 VW Beetle Convertible. The new Beetle Convertible is due […]

New 2013 VW Golf Mk7 Price & Spec announced

Photos of New 2013 VW Golf Mk7

Price and specification details for the 2013 VW Golf MK 7 have been revealed for the UK. Starts at £16,300. With the arrival of the Golf MK 7 at the Paris Motor Show, VW has wasted no time getting details of the UK spec and prices out, and the good news is that the new […]

2013 Mazda3 MPS & revised Mazda 3 range prices

Photo of 2013 Mazda3 MPS

Mazda has revealed the 2013 Mazda3 MPS hot hatch and announced it is adding the Tamura and Venture to the standard range. It may not be the biggest seller in the hot hatch market, but the Mazda3 MPS does offer a fair bit of bang for your buck. The 2013 Mazda3 MPS gets some small titivations […]

New VW Tiguan R-Line arrives in the UK

Photo of New VW Tiguan R-Line UK

Volkswagen UK has announced that the new Tiguan R-Line is now available in the UK priced from £28,020. The new Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line – a sportier cosmetic take on VW’s compact SUV come crossover – was actually revealed almost a year ago, but it’s take VW UK since then to get round to offering it […]

2015 Land Rover Defender heading for the U.S.

Photo of Land Rover Defender DC100 Sport

Land Rover has revealed that when the 2015 Defender arrives it will be a world car and sold in the USA. The 2015 Land Rover Defender (well, 2015 is planned but it could be 2016, 2017…) is planned to have much wider appeal than the current, still quite utilitarian, Defender range. So it’s not a […]

Top Global Car Brands 2012: Toyota, Mercedes, BMW, VW, Honda, Ford & Hyundai

Photo of Toyota GT86

Interbrand has released its 2012 Top Global Brands rankings for 2012 with Toyota, Mercedes, BMW, VW and Honda the top four car brands. Last year, when we had the 2011 Top Global Brands revealed, Toyota managed to come at the top despite a year beset with the woes of the Tsunami. And for 2012, Toyota […]

Nissan X-Trail N-TEC+ launched

Photo of Nissan X-Trail N-TEC+

Nissan has launched a new X-Trail model – the X-Trail N-Tec+ – with ‘Sporty’ looks and extra gadgets. Last year we got the Nissan X-Trail Platinum Edition with all the options ticked and a price of almost £30k, and now we get the sporty version – the Nissan X-Trail N-Tec+ – with more gadgets and extra kit […]

LyonHeart K Jaguar E-Type production increased

Photo of Lyonheart K Jaguar E-Type

Classic Factory is building the Lyonheart K – an E-Type Jaguar for the 21st century – and is increasing production numbers and adding a convertible. If you’re looking for a convertible Jaguar – and the new Jaguar F-Type doesn’t really float your boat – there is now another, albeit more expensive, option – the Lyonheart K E-Type. […]

2013 Range Rover Hybrid confirmed

Photo of 2013 Range Rover

Jaguar Land Rover Director Hybrids and Electrification, Peter Richings, has confirmed the Range Rover hybrid will launch in 2013. The new Range Rover already looks like it will wipe the floor with any opposition with its unique mix of abilities and luxury when it hits UK road early in 2013. From the new, entry-level 3.0 litre […]

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