April 19, 2014

New Mercedes A Class #YOUDRIVE advert plugs in to X Factor

Screen grab from New Mercedes A Class #YOUDRIVE

Mercedes are continuing some innovative marketing for the new A Class with the #YOUDRIVE campaign launching during X Factor. Mercedes has already been playing in an innovative way with the marketing for the new A Class, with adverts running that don’t even mention Mercedes, never mind the new Mercedes A Class, just the hashtag #New […]

Ferrari F70 Tub & FF Roof: Paris 2012

Ferrari F70 Carbon fibre tub & Ferrari FF Panormac roof

With no new cars at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, the Ferrari highlights are the carbon fibre tub for the F70 & panoramic roof for the Ferrari FF. Just as we revealed a couple of weeks ago, the new Ferrari F70 (successor to the Enzo) would not be arriving at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. […]

Lexus LF-CC promises an appealing Lexus IS: Paris 2012

Photos of Lexus LF-CC at Paris 2012

Lexus has given their LF-CC Concept a public airing at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, a preview of the 2013 Lexus IS. Lexus has always been noted for its great build quality and ability to build cars the way they should be. But no one has ever considered Lexus to be stylish and dynamic looking. […]

Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo is a good looking Panamera: Paris 2012

Photo of the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo unveiling at 2012 Paris Motor Show

Porsche has revealed their estate / shooting brake take on the Panamera – the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo – and it looks good. The Porsche Panamera is another Porsche in the mould of the Cayenne – great car with Marmite looks. But it looks like Porsche has found a way to inject decent lines in to […]

2013 Range Rover: Are the Bentley SUV & Lamborghini Urus viable?

Photos of 2013 Range Rover

Does the arrival of the new Range Rover make it almost impossible for the Bentley SUV and Lamborghini Urus SUV to succeed? The Range Rover has held a unique place in the car world for forty years; part luxury car, part off-roader. And the new Range Rover has taken that to an all new level. […]

‘Nemesis’ breaks UK electric car speed record

Photo of Nemesis UK EV Speed record

An electric car – based on a second-hand Lotus Exige – has broken the UK electric car speed record with a speed of 151.6mph. We’re not entirely sure how relevant a new UK speed record for an electric car is, but let’s be parochial and report it anyway. The ‘Nemesis’ is an electric car built round a second hand Lotus Exige, […]

2013 SEAT Leon price revealed: Paris 2012

2013 SEAT Leon at the Paris Motor Show

SEAT has revealed prices for their version of the VW Golf – the new SEAT Leon – at the Paris Motor Show. Starts at £15,670. SEAT has revealed the new Leon at this week’s Paris Motor Show – after letting us get a glimpse of the new Leon back in July, and in the flesh […]

2013 Ford Mondeo: Paris 2012

2013 Ford Mondeo on the floor at the 2012 Paris Motor Show

Ford has given the new Mondeo its first public outing at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, and it looks a good effort. Before the world came to believe that ‘brand’ was all that matters, Ford’s family-sized cars were a big deal – and a big seller. But the new 2013 Ford Mondeo no longer has the advantage […]

Jaguar F-Type Configurator LIVE

Photo of Jaguar F-Type Configurator

The online configurator for the new Jaguar F-Type is now live. Our Jaguar F-Type V8 S ended up costing £91,440. The new Jaguar F-Type may only just have officially bowed in at the Paris Motor Show, but Jaguar already has the online configurator up and running (you can go and play with it here). The F-Type configurator […]

Peugeot Onyx Concept: Paris 2012

Peugeot Onyx Supercar on the floor at Paris 2012

The Peugeot Onyx Supercar Concept is a concept that will never be built and based on the underpinnings of the Peugeot Le Mans car. It’s Peugeot’s home show, so they want to make a splash. And what better way than with a supercar concept, even if it will never be built? So Paris 2012 gets […]

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