BAC Mono finally hits the U.S. (video)

Sector 111 – US importers of the epic BAC Mono – have finally revealed the first US Mono at Cars and Coffee in Irvine, California.

BAC Mono First US Car image

The awesome single-seat BAC Mono – designed and made in the UK by the brothers Briggs at Briggs Automotive Company – has finally found its wheels turning on US soil thanks to specialists importers Sector 111.

It’s more than a year since we reported that Sector 111 would be offering the BAC Mono in the US and now, having completely sold their 2012 allocation of just 12 Monos, the first US built (well, bolted together from a CKD kit by Sector 111) has been revealed to petrolheads at the Cars and Coffee meet in Irvine, California.

And the Cars & Coffee meeting is a great place for Sector 111 to show off their first Mono as its attended by a bunch of knowledgeable and wealthy Californians, just the sort of potential buyer Sector 111 are looking for.

But if Sector 111’s success in selling out their 2012 allocation is anything to go by, they’re not going to struggle to find another bunch of buyers for their 2013 allocation, especially with the stunning performance the Mono offers from its 280bhp, 4-cylinder Cosworth lump – 2.8 seconds to 60mph and 170mph – thanks in no small part to its 540kg weight.

With Sector 111 making such a success of their efforts with the BAC Mono (and doing a similarly sterling job with the Ariel Atom) it looks like the Briggs Brothers may have to find a way to knock together more than the 35 Monos for the entire world they managed in 2012.

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