Bentley Continental GT V8 to debut at Detroit

Bentley Continental GT V8

Bentley Continental GT V8 will arrive at Detroit 2012

It’s being reported that Bentley will introduce the Continental GT with the new V8 engine at the Detroit Motor Show in January.

We’ve known for a while that Bentley and Audi are developing a V8 engine that is destined for the Continental GT. In fact, we exclusively spied the V8 Continental GT  (actually, a V8 Continental GTC) just a few weeks ago. But now comes news that the Bentley Continental GT V8 will arrive at the Detroit Motor Show in January.

To be honest that’s a bit of a surprise. We’d fully expected that Bentley would turn up at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September with the V8 in the 2012 Continental GTC, especially as it was the drop-top Continental we saw with the V8 engine recently. But it seems not.

Consumer Search reports that they have had it confirmed – we must assume by Bentley – that the V8 will bow in as a new lump in a Bentley at Detroit and not, as we had expected, at Frankfurt.

So it would seem that Bentley intend introducing the 2012 Continental GTC at Frankfurt with just the current W12 on offer. But there’s probably some sense in stretching your new offerings out over a few shows rather than uncovering all the new toys all at once.

That said, there’s more to come from Bentley before too long. There’s still a new Flaying Spur to come and, we must assume, despite the fact the Continental GT is almost as quick as the old GT Speed, Speed models to follow too. And V8 versions of one and all and even, perhaps, new and even more powerful Supersports models.

Which sounds just fine to us.

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