Bentley SUV plug-in Hybrid Concept at Geneva

Bentley SUV

The Bentley SUV Concept will debut at Geneva

It’s reported that the Bentley SUV Concept is heading for Geneva 2012 complete with plug-in hybrid powertrain.

We reported last month that we though there was a strong possibility we could see the Bentley SUV at the Geneva Motor Show this year, although the only fly in that ointment of speculation was the imminent arrival of the Lamborghini SUV.

But now we know that the Lamborghini MLC will not debut at Geneva, but wait a month to be revealed at the Beijing Motor Show at the end of April, the strong possibility that the Bentley SUV will arrive at Geneva now becomes a probability.

Automotive Europe has been talking to Bentley boss Wolfgang Duerheimer who has revealed that Bentley are hoping for sales of up to 5,000 units a year from the Bentley SUV, and that Bentley are planning a hybrid powertrain for their ultra-luxury SUV, aimed right in to the wallets of wealthy China.

If Bentley are going to endow their new SUV with a plug-in hybrid powertrain there’s little chance it will be a little three-cylinder engine powering a feeble electric motor. Think more in terms of the new Audi/Bentley V8, a thumping great bank of batteries and an electric motor at each corner of the new SUV.

We should know exactly what’s on offer from Bentley’s sybaritic mud-plugger next week. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions on a likely name for the new SUV, let us know in the comments.

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