Bentley SUV: Redesign already under way

Bentley SUV EXP 9F

Bentley SUV already being re-thought

It seems the reception for the EXP 9 F – the Bentley SUV ‘Truck’ – has already got Bentley designers back to the drawing board for a redesign.

The Bentley SUV at Geneva – the EXP 9 F Concept – was a real let-down. It was as if Bentley’s designers had been given a single line brief from history and tasked to make Ettore Bugatti’s criticism of Bentleys as ‘The World’s fastest trucks’ come to life.

We talked to a number of Bentley owners and dealers about the SUV earier this week and the reaction was unanimous; the Bentley SUV is just plain wrong. Instead of trying to evoke the not very loved Mulsanne with an enormous shed on wheels, Bentley should have instilled dynamism and a sportier, lighter design touch with Continental cues.

It seems Bentley may have been listening – as, to be fair, they said they would – and have revealed to What Car that they’re already working on the EXP 9 F’s design and have admitted the current design is too heavy handed.

Unfortunately, they seem wedded to the idea of the Mulsanne take for the nose – a mistake according to the owners and dealers we spoke to – and the W12 power plant. Perhaps they should hang on a few weeks and get hold of the 2013 Range Rover before they go much further?

Because the new Range Rover is going to the the Bentley SUV’s nemesis.

Bentley SUV Concept at Geneva 2012

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Bentley SUV Concept EXP 9 F Photo Gallery

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Bentley SUV EXP 9 F Genesis Video

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