Bentley Zagato GTZ – back in production

The Bentley Zagato GTZ

The Bentley Zagato GTZ is back in 'Production'

Italian coachbuilder Zagato has re-started production of the Bentley GTZ Zagato, a re-bodied Bentley Continental GT Speed.

It’s now two years since Zagato announced they were building the Bentley GTZ, a Zagato-bodied Bentley Continental GT Speed. They made the announcement at the Geneva Motor Show back in 2008 and we later discovered that they were intending building just nine cars, each of which would cost a barking mad £850,000.

But despite the announcement that Zagato were going to build nine Bentley GTZs, it looks like only one or two were made. We assumed that was because – in the current climate – there just weren’t enough buyers out there for such a pricey Bentley. But we were wrong.

It appears that the economy did have a part to play in things, as Zagato didn’t have the funds to complete the project. But it appears they’ve been fishing down the back of the sofa and come up with enough change to get things on the move again, and the Bentley GTZ is back in production (if you can call a run of nine cars ‘Production’).

We’ve also discovered that despite Zagato telling the world that all the cars would be LHD, the remaining cars which are unsold can be bought in RHD if there’s a RHD market customer prepared to stump up pushing on £1 million.

As you would expect, when Zagato conceived the Bentley GTZ it based it on Bentley’s latest and quickest car – the Bentley Continental GT Speed. But things have moved on at Bentley and we now have a much more hardcore version of the Conti – the Bentley Continental Supersports. So we spoke to a couple of Zagato Ambassadors (yep, that’s what Zagato call their distributors) one of whom told us he’s planning to have his Bentley GTZ based on the Supersports.

So you could, if you have deep enough pockets, stump up for a Bentley GTZ Zagato Supersports.

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  1. Phil says

    A stunning design and far better than the Aston Martin effort which suffered with leaking windows. Even better if thye fog lights were trimmed with s/s instead of black

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