BMW 5 Series Electric for China

The BMW 5 Series Hybrid

The BMW 5 Series EV planned for China

BMW and Chinese parter Brilliance are reported to be building an electric 5 Series based on the 5 Series EfficientDynamics Hybrid.

BMW are pushing ahead with hybrids across their range, and the 5 Series hybrid was shown at the Geneva Motor Show last year. But it now seems as if BMW are going a step further by using the same 5 Series EfficientDynamics platform to launch a pure 5 Series Electric – but only in China.

China currently partners with Brilliance China Automotive Holdings to build cars in China (all Western manufacturers have to have a Chinese partner to work in China – for now) and the Beijing Youth Daily reports that the two are now working on a BMW 5 Series EV just for the Chinese market.

Which makes perfect sense if BMW – and Brilliance – see a market in China for a 5 Series EV. BMW has already shown it’s more than willing to produce cars just for China with its LWB 5 Series pandering to the Chinese demand for roomier cars.

Unlike the rest of the world – where BMW see EVs as being based on entry-level models – China seems to be demanding larger cars. And if it’s larger EVs the market wants, BMW is obviously prepared to play ball.

The Chinese press say that BMW/Brilliance plan to unveil the 5 Series EV at a major motor show in China later this year.

We’ll probably have to wait until then for real detail.

Source: Automotive News

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