BMW 7 Series Facelift includes new 750d xDrive – but not for the UK

BMW 7 Series Facelift

BMW 7 Series Facelift

The BMW 7 Series has been given a facelift with new technology, cosmetic tweaks and a new range-topping diesel – the 750d xDrive.

As you would expect, the facelift for the BMW 7 Series ushers in cosmetic changes, technology upgrades and oily changes too. But perhaps the most interesting oily change is a change we don’t look likely to get in the UK – the addition of the 750d xDrive.

As we revealed last month, BMW has added the 3.0 litre diesel from the M550d to the 7 Series (although we did expect it to be the BMW M750d) to create the 4WD 750d xDrive offering 0-62mph in 4.9 seconds with combined economy figures of 44.1mpg.

But we won’t get it in the UK for the same reason we won’t get the M550d either – the BMW 4WD platform wasn’t designed for RHD markets. Which is a real shame.

The rest of the 2012 / 2013 engine line up for the 7 Series is familiar with the petrol-engined 730i (probably not for the UK), 740i with 315bhp, 750i with 443bhp and the V12 760i with 536bhp. There will also be an AciveHybrid 7 with the 3.0 litre straight six mated to an electric motor for 349bhp and a silly price tag.

Diesel engines will be the 730d with 255bhp and the 740d with 308bhp and, of course, the really desirable 750d xDrive we can’t have.

The suspension has been tweaked too to hopefully help the 7 Series often harsh demeanour around town with rear air suspension as standard and new ball joints, dampers and rubber bearings for the back axle with ‘tuned elastokinematics (German made-up word) to cut vibration and improve ride quality.

On the cosmetic front the 2012 7 Series (or should we call it the 2013 7 Series?) gets new LED headlights, new kidney grill and a new front bumper. At the back the only change appears to be a new chrome strip. This isn’t exactly an extensive exterior facelift.

Inside there are more changes with thinner front seats for more rear room – where, if you opt for the rear entertainment package, you get a big 9.2″ screen – B&O sound system, a 10.25″ black panel instrument screen (a bit like the XJ but with seemingly better resolution) and you can have individual rear seats if you want.

Lots of small tweaks which will make the 7 Series better. Just a shame we don’t get the 750d.

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