BMW 7 Series M Sport appears

It appears BMW are to offer a 7 Series M Sport option in the UK

It appears BMW are to offer a 7 Series M Sport option in the UK

Recently we’ve been sent a few spy shots of what the snapper claimed to be a BMW M7. But we weren’t convinced. It didn’t seem to fit in with BMW’s ethos. After all, there hasn’t been an M7 before, and this seemed like an odd time to be launching an M version of BMW’s uber-saloon. But we’ve been wrong before!

But it looks like this time we were right. Proper images have turned up in the UK of a BMW 7 Series sporting an M-Pack. Which makes much more sense at the moment. Yes, we certainly wouldn’t have had any objections to an M7, and it would give BMW a weapon to go up against the new Mercedes S65 AMG and the likely autobahn-bashing top-end new Jaguar XJ. But it seems not for now.

Instead, we get a relatively subtle M-Pack for the 7-Series. Expected initially to be available with BMW’s new 3.0 litre twin-turbo diesel, it is likely to be offered as an option right across the 7 Series range.

Although details are a bit thin on the ground (this isn’t an official release – but that won’t be far off now the Interweb is leaking details), but we can see the 7 Series M Sport gets a similar treatment to other M-Packs across the BMW range. Butched-up front and rear, M-Sport Wheels, M-Sport steering wheel. M-Sport gear lever…. You get the drift.

As this is unofficial, no word on price. But we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

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