BMW M3 Competition Package coming


The new BMW M3 GTS - some of its goodness will leak in to the M3 Compeition Package.

It looks as if BMW are about to announce a Competition Package (ZCP) for the M3. Likely to cost around £3,500.

This week has had a fair bit of news on the BMW 3 Series, from the revisions for 2010 to the Coupe and Cabriolet to the North America onl 335iS. And now we’re hearing that BMW are about to announce a competition packages for the M3.

The M3 Competition Package is something that used to be available for the M3 in previous iterations, but hasn’t been for a while. So what will the competition package offer? Well, as there is no official word from BMW yet (chances are they’re saving it for the Geneva Motor Show), we have to rely on the vairious reports coming in.

It seems likely that the M3 Competition package will offer some special alloys and a lowered suspension. Also in the mix are black trim for the grill and exhaust and a new sport mode for the EDC. It seems unlikely that the Competition Package (code name ZCP) will get special tyres or a new exhaust.

Looks like the Competition Package is due to launch in March, which fits in with the Geneva launch theory. Likely to be priced around £3,500.

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