March 3, 2015

BMW Project i – Isetta revived?

Does the Isetta video from the BMW Museum give a clue to BMW's 'Sub Brand' for its Project i City Cars?

Does the Isetta video from the BMW Museum give a clue to BMW's 'Sub Brand' for its Project i City Cars?

As is the case with all car makers these days, there is a move to create and launch ‘Zero Emission’ vehicles, or at least cars that are perceived as such or close. BMW is no different, and we reported back in January that BMW and Fiat were talking about building a range of city cars that could be marketed under the Topolino and Isetta names.

It now seems that this is getting closer to reality, as BMW has let it be known that the range of small city cars they are working on as part of the ‘BMW Project i’ will be launched as a ‘Sub Brand’. But what does that mean? I suppose it could be something along the lines of adding an ‘E’ to the name as BMW do with the ‘M’ cars, but it seems much more likely that they will go the Isetta route.

To add credence to that conclusion, have a look at the video below. This is a video BMW is running at their Museum, and it features a whole heap of Isetta models roaming around the City. The video highlights the cars suitability for an urban environment, and is the biggest clue yet as to what BMW has in mind.

Although it seems clear that BMW will initially launch the Isettas with a range of super-economical – possibly 3-pot – engines, it seems likely that they will follow up with a plug-in electric car before too long.

BMW Museum Isetta Video

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  1. Joyce Grieve says:

    I owned an Isetta in 1961, travelled & slept in it from Anglesey to Edinburgh, to visit the Tatoo.
    Marvellous little car only sold it to get married. I dream of having another to hitch up behind my motorhome.

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