Bufori Geneva to show at Beijing Motor Show

Bufori Geneva Beijing

Bufori Geneva will be at Beijing this month

The Bufori Geneva arrived at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show and Bufori are to show an updated version at this month’s Beijing Motor Show.

We have to confess that Bufori sent us information over the weekend on the Bufori Geneva and the news it was going to be shown at this month’s Beijing Motor Show. But we didn’t really see it as car news. After all, this is much the same Bufori Geneva that arrived two year ago.

The same Bufori Geneva that is, if you like, a modern luxury car in ‘classic’ clothes aimed at giving wealthy consumers something that looks different and classic without the drawbacks. A modern version of the a Panther De Ville – sort of.

But the ‘news’ in this Bufori story is really its commitment to the Chinese market. Apart from stumping up for floor space at Beijing, Bufori has opened a Bufori Showroom in Shanghai and plans more showrooms in Beijing, Chengdu and Shenzhen.

Gerry Khouri, MD of the Australian/Malaysian BUFORI said:

Since the launch in 2010 we have refined and added more features and technologies to the car. For the show, we are very proud to showcase Tan Sri Yeoh Tiong Lay’s personal car, which we were commissioned by his family to specially build for his 80th birthday. Tan Sri Yeoh, founder of YTL Corporation, is a Bufori supporter and a connoisseur of the finest things in life and it is our honour to be able to create this masterpiece to add to his collection of cars.

It’s probably a sensible move for Bufori to concentrate on selling its Geneva to the  newly wealthy Chinese. For now, they will probably find the Bufori appealing and individual. But that can’t last.

And then, just like Panther which spiralled downhill once 1970s music industry money moved from ostentatious to classic cars, Bufori will have to seek a new market for their creation.

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