Cadillac Converj to be built

The Cadillac Converj hybrid is to go in to production

The Cadillac Converj hybrid is to go in to production

Cadillac are going to put in to production the Converj – a Chevvy Volt based hybrid – although not until 2012.

The Cadillac Converj (daft name) was shown as a concept at the Detroit Motor Show earlier this year and signalled a new direction for Cadillac – it was decent looking and smaller than an aircraft carrier. And it was a hybrid. How things change.

But with all the woes that GM had it seemed like it was produced as a concept more in hope than reality. GM where in a big mess and the Converj seemed as if it may just be a bit of show-boating. But if reports by the Detroit Press are true GM has decided that the Converj is a go – or at least it is for 2012.

With GM seemingly back on its feet this is a very sound move. The underpinnings of the Converj are basically those of the Chevvy Volt /Vauxhall Ampera. In other words, it’s a hybrid. With a 16kwh bank of lithium ion batteries powering a 120kw electric motor generating 161bhp it is about as far away from the big V8 Caddies as you could imagine. In fact it gets a four-pot 1.4 litre engine that is in effect a range extender. The Converj is a plug-in hybrid with a 40 mile electric only range which then turns to the 1.4 litre engine to charge the batteries and run the electric motor.

It’s said that GM will dial in a bit more performance in the Converj than in the Volt. Whether that means a more sporty setup or bigger electric motor and battery bank – or both – is still not known. But margins on the premium priced Converj are going to be much better than those on the Volt, so this is a good way to get back the Volt’s development costs in a higher-end car.

You never know, the Americans might just fall in love with an economical Cadillac.

Source: Detroit News

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