Cadillac CTS-V Coupe confirmed

The Cadillac CTS-V Coupe will launch at the Detroit Motor Show 2010

The Cadillac CTS-V Coupe will launch at the Detroit Motor Show 2010

GM has revealed that they are to build a Cadillac CTS-V Coupe, which will debut at the Detroit Motor Show in 2010.

There’s been a fair bit of news on Cadillac’s performance halo car the CTS-V of late. We had Bob Lutz taking on all comers at the Monticello Race Track in New York for the CTS-V Challenge (which turned in to a one-make competition) and the ubiquitous Mt Lutz confirming that Cadillac will be making a CTS-V Wagon (Estate, to us). And now comes confirmation of the CTS-V Coupe.

The CTS-V Coupe – exactly what it says on the tin – will debut next year (2010) at the Detroit Motor Show. Which is entirely appropriate as the Motor City has been very short of things to shout about for quite some time. And Although the CTS-V is not exactly going to put GM back on top, the reflecetd glory from a halo car that does a pretty good job of overwhelming all-comers is a very useful weapon when shifting more prosaic stuff.

Just to recap, the CTS-V has a might 6.2 litre V8 which produces a very useful 556bhp and a mountain of torque, all of which allows it to get to 60mph in under 4.0 seconds. A time that overshadows even the monster competition such as the E63 AMG, the RS6, the M5 and the Jaguar XFR.

The American adage that there’s no substitute for cubic inches has never been better demonstrated than in the CTS-V, but add to that proper handling and you do have a truly impressive car. It may not follow the ‘Green’ creed that has become de rigueur for car makers in these strange times, but we love it all the more for that.

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