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Photos of the Audi Q3 RS Concept, a Q3 with the engine from the TT RS, heading for the 2012 Beijing Motor Show. Interior & exterior photos.

We’ve got to assume that the Audi Q3 RS Concept is heading for production sometime soon. After all, it’s hardly the first time Audi has rolled out a Q3 RS recently.

For the Detroit Auto Show in January, Audi rolled out the Q3 Vail Concept with a 312bhp version of the TT RS 2.5 litre complete with winter bits and LEDs in the roof rails.

But now we get the real deal in the Audi Q3 RS, we’re just a little surprised Audi has given it the RS moniker. Back in October Audi Production Manager Rob Morris confirmed the Q3 RS was on the way but also said Audi wouldn’t use the RS badge on the Q3 and instead would make it an engine option in S Line spec. Maybe for the production version, then?

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