Range-topping Audi Q8 SUV confirmed for 2019

Range-topping Audi Q8 SUV confirmed for 2019 - influenced by the Prologue Allroad (pictured)

Audi has revealed at its Annual General Meeting that an Audi Q8 SUV will launch in 2019, as well as an electric Q6 in 2018 and a Q1 in 2016. Audi has made it clear it sees a big future in SUV sales, and that’s been underlined at their Annual General Meeting with confirmation that […]

Audi say the new A3 Ultra does 83mpg. Of course it does.

The new 2015 Audi A3 ultra does 83mpg. Officially.

The latest Audi A3 Ultra has been revealed with Audi proclaiming its 83mpg and 89g/km, and more A3 models get quattro drivetrain options. Audi’s big shout in their press release for the latest A3 ultra is that the new version delivers 83.1mpg and emissions of just 89g/km. Which it does, but only in the official economy […]