November 28, 2014

BMW M4 Convertible to debut in New York next month

Photo BMW M4

The new BMW M4 Convertible will make its debut at the New York Auto Show in April before going on sale in the Autumn. BMW has pretty much finished rolling out its replacement for the 3 Series Coupe – the BMW 4 Series – with both the coupe and convertible 4-Series, the new M4 and even […]

BMW i8 plug-in hybrid supercar is more economical than BMW thought

Photo BMW i8 Economy

With the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid supercar about to go in to production, BMW has revealed their new £100k supercar is even more frugal than expected. The production version of BMW’s plug-in hybrid supercar – the i8 – finally arrived at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year offering almost proper supercar price – £100k – […]

BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe in the flesh: Geneva Motor Show

Photo BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe Geneva

The BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe has made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show, a four-door version of the new 4-Series Coupe. The big news from BMW at the Geneva Motor Show has been the arrival of the production version of the new X4, rather overshadowing the European debut of the BMW 4 Series […]

New BMW X4 looks a winner: Geneva Motor Show

Photo new BMW X4

The new BMW X4 – the X3 with fancy clothes from the X6 – has been officially revealed at the Geneva Motor Show. Price from £36,590. The arrival of the new BMW X4 at the Geneva Motor Show isn’t exactly a surprise, and nor is the fact that it’s very much the same as the […]

New BMW 2-Series Active Tourer arrives as BMW’s first front-wheel-drive car (+video)

Photo new BMW 2-Series Active Tourer

The new BMW 2-Series Active Tourer has been revealed ahead of a Geneva Motor Show debut as BMW’s new, front-wheel-drive MPV. Price from under £23,000. Many will see it as sacrilege that the new BMW 2-Series Active Tourer MPV is front-wheel-drive, but pragmatists will see it as a sensible move to extend BMW’s depth of offerings. Whichever […]

2014 BMW X3 Facelift and more efficient engines

Photo 2014 BMW X3

BMW has revealed a facelift for the 2014 X3 – although it’s quite minor – and more economical engines ahead of a Geneva Debut. The current version of the BMW X3 SUV has been with us for more than three years, so BMW are giving it a bit of a mid-cycle facelift and more frugal […]

New BMW 4-series Gran Coupé: OFFICIAL

Photo BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe

The New BMW 4-series GranCoupé – a four-door coupe version of the new 4-Series – has been officially revealed ahead of a Geneva debut. Price from £29,420. The new BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe leaked out yesterday ahead of an official reveal by BMW, but that leak has prompted BMW to action and we get the official […]

BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe revealed – looking very like the 3-Series Saloon

Photo BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe

A set of photos of the new BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe – a four door version of the 4-Series – have been leaked  ahead of its debut at the Geneva Motor Show. The BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe looks like a four-door stretched version of the 6-Series, as it should, And it works; it’s a simply […]

BMW i3 & i8 EV range won’t be extended any time soon

Photo BMW i3 and i8 EVs

Despite rumours of a BMW i5 EV to extend the new BMW i range, BMW say there are no plans to extend the range in the near future. BMW have ploughed a chunk of money in to the development of the BMW i3 electric city car and the BMW i8 supercar, but it seems that […]


Photo 2014 BMW M3 M4 Configurator

The new 2014 BMW M3 – and the new BMW M4 – can now be specced up online with the launch of a new M3/M4 configurator by BMW UK. No customer has yet had the chance to drive the new BMW M4 (or its saloon sibling, the 2014 BMW M3) but that hasn’t stopped UK […]

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