Are BMW really trying to buy De Tomaso?

Photo of De Tomaso Pantera

Reports from Italy say that BMW is in talks to buy De Tomaso, the perpetually failed maker of supercars. It’s long been rumoured that BMW has an interest in acquiring De Tomaso to give it a proper supercar brand to rival the offerings from the VW group. But, despite many opportunities to do so, BMW has never […]

De Tomaso boss arrested by Italy’s tax police

Gian Mario Rossignolo

Gian Mario Rossignolo, Chairman of bankrupt De Tomaso, has been arrested by Italian Tax Police over misuse of public funds. There was always something a little odd about the plans of Gian Mario Rossignolo for De Tomaso. Not at first, it’s true, but when De Tomaso delivered the Deauville Crossover as the opening salvo we all knew the new De Tomaso […]

De Tomaso bites the dust – again

De Tomaso Deauville

De Tomaso has filed for bankruptcy again after failing to complete any of the deals Gian Mario Rossignolo had claimed would save the brand. De Tomaso has never had a an easy time of things despite building a few cars – well, the De Tomaso Pantera, at least – which had real appeal. After its last bankruptcy, former […]

De Tomaso sold by Rossignolo

Gold De Tomaso Deauville

De Tomaso – the ill-fated Italian supercar maker – has been sold by Gian Mario Rossignolo after a financially fraught revival attempt. De Tomaso seems fated to lurch from one financial crisis to another – as it has throughout its history – with the latest efforts by former Fiat executive Gian Mario Rossignolo to revive the marque floundering for […]

De Tomaso Deauville production off to China

De Tomaso Deauville China

Gian Mario Rossignolo’s De Tomaso has been struggling to get up and running, and now they’ve sold De Tomaso Deauville production to China. If there’s been one constant in the history of De Tomaso, it’s been a lack of money. And despite former Fiat exec Gian Mario Rossignolo’s takeover of the De Tomaso brand from the […]

De Tomaso gets an injection of Rupees to keep going

De Tomaso to get €100 million from India

After rescuing De Tomaso from the liquidators, Gian Mario Rossignolo now has financial problems of his own, but the Indians are waiting with €100 million to bail out De Tomaso. De Tomaso hasn’t had the most solvent history in the motoring world, and had been dormant until ex-Fiat man Gian Mario Rossignolo rescued the name – and […]

New De Tomaso Pantera at Frankfurt

De Tomaso Pantera Spy

It’s being reported that the new De Tomaso Pantera will arrive at Frankfurt sporting a 600bhp GM lump and weighing in at 1200kg. So far all we’ve officially had from the new De Tomaso, now run by ex Fiat man Gian Mario Rossignolo, is the not particularly well-received De Tomaso Deauville at Geneva in the Spring. It seemed an […]

New De Tomaso Pantera, perhaps? +video

New De Tomaso Pantera Spy Video

We have what appears to be a spy video of the new De Tomaso Pantera leaving the old Pininfarina factory in .Grugliasco Former Fiat man Gian Mario Rossignolo rescued the De Tomaso brand from the ignominy of bankruptcy in 2009, with plans to bring the world a range of 21st century De Tomasos. An idea, we […]

De Tomaso SLS / De Tomaso SLC / De Tomaso something else: More photos

The De Tomaso SLS Concept

De Tomaso has changed the name of their concept from De Tomasa SLC to De Tomaso SLS. It’s still not a looker It’s taken a lot of years for someone with a decent level of backing to take on the De Tomaso brand once again. But octegenarian Gian Mario Rossignolo – former Fiat Exec – has risen to the […]