April 25, 2014

Ferrari Power Extended Warranty can run for 12 years

Photo used Ferrari for sale

Ferrari has announced extended warranty cover for Ferraris is now available for up to 12 years and a full manufacturers warranty can be extended to five years. It used to be that once your twelve months warranty on a car was done and dusted you were on your own. But things have changed massively in […]

New Ferrari California T gets new twin turbo V8 with 49% more torque (+video)

The new California T (pictured) revealed ahead of a Geneva debut

The new Ferrari California has been revealed ahead of a Geneva Motor Show debut with a new 552bhp twin turbo V8 with 557lb/ft of torque. It’s been a long time since Ferrari gave one of its cars a turbo charged engine, not since the late ’80s and the Ferrari F40, but that all changes – […]

Ferrari 149M Project for Geneva Motor Show – looks like a California update

Photo Ferrari Project 149M

Ferrari are teasing the ’149M Project’ for a reveal on 12th February – and a debut at the Geneva Motor Show – which looks likely to be a revised Ferrari California. It’s was 2012 when Ferrari updated their entry-level car – the Ferrari California – with less weight, more power and a handling package, and […]

Ferrari SP FFX revealed – it’s not a looker

Photo Ferrari SP FFX

A one-off Ferrari from Ferrari Special Operations – the Ferrari SP FFX – has been revealed at a private event in Japan. It’s based on the Ferrari FF. Ferrari Special Operations is the division of Ferrari that relieves very well-heeled punters of vast quantities of cash to create one-off specials – just like Eric Clapton’s […]

One-off Ferrari 458 pays tribute to Niki Lauda

Photo One-off Ferrari 458 pays tribute to Niki Lauda

A one-off Ferrari 458 has been created by a client of Ferrari’s Tailor Made Programne paying tribute to Ferrari F1 driver Niki Lauda. Younger readers might not see the connection between Ferrari and Niki Lauda; after all, Niki Lauda is Chairman of the Mercedes F1 team, not Ferrari. But back in the 1970s, Niki Lauda […]

Ferrari 250 GTO sells for $52 million (£32 million)

Photo Ferrari 250 GTO 5111

It’s reported that a Ferrari 250 GTO – chassis number 5111 – has been sold in a private sale for £32 million, making it the most expensive car ever sold. For a number of years the Ferrari 250 GTO has risen in value, culminating in the sale last year of a 250 GTO with links […]

Ferrari testing LaFerrari at Nurburgring (video)

Photo Ferrari testing LaFerrari at Nurburgring

We have video of the LaFerrari testing at the Nurburgring, oddly disguised despite LaFerrari already being fully revealed at Geneva. We’ve had plenty of information from the Nurburgring on the new McLaren P1, and the new Porsche 918 has broken the Nurburgring lap record, but until now, despite a reveal at the Geneva Motor Show, […]

Ferrari 458 Speciale: Frankfurt 2013

Photo Ferrari 458 Speciale Frankfurt 2013

The new hardcore version of the Ferrari 458 – the Ferrari 458 Speciale – has debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show with more power and lower weight. Ferrari probably won the crown at the Geneva Motor Show in March with LaFerrari as ‘Star Car’, so whatever they brought to Frankfurt would be a bit of […]

Ferrari 458 Speciale revealed ahead of Frankfurt Motor Show debut

Photo Ferrari 458 Speciale

The Ferrari 458 Speciale, a hard-core 458, has been revealed ahead of a debut at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show with 597bhp and aerodynamic changes. It’s always been a given that Ferrari would make a 458 in the mould of the 430 Scuderia – a more focused and more powerful version of the stock model – […]

Europe’s economic problems sees UK become biggest Ferrari market in Europe

Ferrari F12 Photo

Ferrari increased its profits by 20 per cent in the first six months of 2013, with the UK becoming the biggest European market for Ferrari, ahead of Germany. The economic crisis in the Eurozone has seen Ferrari’s sales in countries like Italy and Spain plummet, and Greece managed just one sale in 2012 (and even […]

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