Uwe Gemballa Murdered

Uwe Gemballa’s body has been found in Pretoria, South Africa. It would appear he was executed in a gangland-style murder. Back in February Uwe Gemballa –  owner of the eponymous Porsche Tuning Company – disappeared on a business trip to South Africa. At first it was suspected that he may have been kidnapped, especially after his […]

Uwe Gemballa – Interpol issue ‘Yellow Notice’

The ‘Hunt’ for Uwe Gemballa rumbles on with the issue of a ‘Yellow Notice’ by Interpol and a suggestion that Uwe may have left Germany to avoid tax issues. We’ve been tempted to revisit the saga that is the disappearance of Uwe Gemballa on a number of occasions in the last few weeks as titbits of information trickle in. […]

Gemballa – new company formed in December UPDATE: Gemballa Insolvent

In the ongoing saga of Uwe Gemballa’s disappearance, Cars UK has discovered that a new Gemballa Company was established in December, with the only shareholder Uwe’s 79 year old mother Update: Gemballa has applied for Insolvency at the Ludwigsburg Court – details at the bottom. We aren’t sure whether or not this information has any relevance to the […]

Gemballa closed by German authorities? UPDATED

It is being reported that Gemballa’s facility in Germany has been closed by Government officials and cars impounded. Update 23/2/2010: Gemballa has now filed for Insolvency. Update 19/2/2010: German news source Bild is also now reporting an ‘exclusive’ on the alleged kidnap of Uwe Gemballa. They say his wife has received a phone call from […]

Uwe Gemballa missing in South Africa

Uwe Gemballa

It’s being reported that the founder and owner of Gemballa – Uwe Gemballa – has gone missing on a trip to South Africa. Update 16/2/2010: We’re now hearing reports that the Gemballa business has been closed down by German authorities. The name Uwe Gemballa might not immediately strike a chord. Unless you’re a complete petrol-head the creations […]

Gemballa MIG-U1 Enzo – details revealed

The Gemballa MIG-U1

Gemballa has now sent us details of the Enzo based Gemballa MIG-U1, a 700bhp modified Ferrari Enzo. Just before Christmas a set of pictures of a Ferrari Enzo dropped in to our inbox. They turned out to be pictures of a modified Enzo created by Porsche specialist Gemballa and looked very appealing – although probably […]

Gemballa Enzo MIG-U1 revealed

The Gemballa Enzo MIG-UI

The Gemballa Enzo MIG-U1 has been revealed featuring characteristic Gemballa mods to the interior and exterior. Update 12/1/2010: Gemballa have now sent us more details of the Gemballa MIG-U1 and a set of photos. Revealed is probably too strong a word, as it would appear that Gemballa are not overly keen to let anyone have any information […]

Gemballa Mirage GT Matt

The Gemballa Mirage GT Matt

Yep, it’s yet another in the list of modified Porsche Carrera GTs from Porsche specialist Gemballa. This time it’s another Mirage GT – the Matt Edition. I’ve said it before, but there has to come a point when Gemballa run out of Porsche Carrera GTs to play with. Only 1270 Carrera GTs were ever made, […]