September 1, 2014


Land Rover Freelander Metropolis is the Freelander’s Swan Song

Photo Land Rover Freelander Metropolis

The Land Rover Freelander is soon to be consigned to Land Rover history, before which we get a revamped Freelander range with a new, range-topping Freelander Metropolis. Land Rover will soon be losing the Freelander name as the next Freelander becomes a new Discovery Sport, but before that we’re getting a revised Freelander range and a new […]

Woken up to snow? Go grab a new Land Rover Freelander!

Land Rover Freelander Snow

Land Rover want you to know that if you’ve woken up to snow – and you want a 4×4 now – the Freelander 2 Black & White is a stock car. There are times of the year when it’s cheaper to buy certain types of cars, and times of the year when they get a […]

2013 Land Rover Freelander 2 Facelift: Official

Photo of 2013 Land Rover Freelander

Land Rover has given the Freelander 2 a bit of a facelift for 2013 with an upmarket push, new trim levels and more equipment. We’ve been expecting Land Rover to give the Freelander 2 a facelift for 2013 – even though its only two years since the last one – to keep it fresh and […]

2013 Land Rover Freelander 2 facelift coming

2013 Freelander 2 Facelift

Land Rover are working on a mild facelift for the Freelander 2 for 2013 as it comes towards the end of its shelf life. It’s almost two years since Land Rover last facelifted the Freelander 2, a car that’s been with us since 2006, when they threw in some minor cosmetic tweaks, the first FWD Land Rover […]

Land Rover Freelander 2 hits 300,000 sales despite the Evoque

Land Rover Freelander 2 - 300k now sold

Land Rover has revealed that the 300,000th Freelander 2 has now been built despite an ageing model and the launch of the Evoque. It’s almost exactly two years since we reported that the Land Rover Freelander 2 had chalked up sales of 200,000 in its first three years (and 250k in March last year), and here we are two years later […]

Are Land Rover planning a sub-Freelander model?

Land Rover Freelander 2

It’s reported that Land Rover are planning a sub-Freelander model to fit in below the current Freelander 2 as a ‘leisure’ vehicle. Land Rover, just like Jaguar, are very much on the up since Tata took the reins in 2008 and are investing heavily in future models with 40 new models, variations and other product promised in the […]

Land Rover Freelander 2 Review & Road Test: Freelander 2 SD4 HSE (2011) Part 2


In part 2 of our review and road test of the Freelander 2 SD4 we ask if the Freelander can now hack it on-road. And is the £36k price tag too steep? Ever since the V6 petrol engine quietly disappeared from the Freelander 2 some time ago – without fanfare or farewell – there’s been […]

Land Rover Freelander 2 Review & Road Test: Freelander 2 SD4 HSE (2011)

Freelander 2 SD4 Review

This week we have the latest 2011 Freelander 2 – the Land Rover Freelander 2 SD4 HSE – in for review and road Test. Does the extra power help the Freelander? Whatever way you look at it, Land Rover’s current model line-up is a bit of a mess, at least as far as the lower […]

Freelander 2 SD4 Sport Limited Edition

The Land Rover Freelander 2 SD4 Sport

Land Rover is debuting a Limited Edition version of the new Freelander 2 with the more powerful 190PS engine – the Land Rover Freelander 2 SD4 Limited Edition It may be only two minutes (well, four months) since Land Rover revealed the 2011 updates for the Freelander 2, but we’re already getting a Limited Edition […]

2011 Freelander 2: The “Claynation” TV Ads

The 2011 Land Rover Freelander 2 Claynation Advert

Land Rover launch a new set of TV Ads – ClayNation – featuring a clay actor called Clay Mason. Success breeds success (although probably because success frees up budgets). And there aren’t too many car companies around who’ve managed to rebound better from the worst the world can throw at them than Land Rover. Not […]

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