April 24, 2014


Range Rover Long Wheelbase Autobiography Black: Los Angeles Auto Show (video)

Photo The Range Rover Long Wheelbase Autobiography Black LA

Land Rover has unveiled the most luxurious and roomy Range Rover ever – the Range Rover LWB Autobiography Black – at the Los Angeles Auto Show. For many, a Range Rover is the perfect luxury car. It can go anywhere, look right for any occasion and is all the car you could ever want. So it […]

New Range Rover Sport crosses ‘Empty Quarter’ Desert in record time

Photo New Range Rover Sport crosses 'Empty Quarter' Desert in record time

Land Rover has taken the new Range Rover Sport to the ‘Empty Quarter’ Desert in Saudi Arabia and set a new record time for traversing the wilderness. We all know that almost every Range Rover Sport sold will never do anything more rugged than crossing a boot sale car park. But that doesn’t stop Land […]

Land Rover Defender Challenge by Bowler – the Defender goes rallying

Photo Land Rover Defender Bowler Rally

The new Defender Challenge by Bowler – and backed by Land Rover – will see the venerable Defender go rallying with Bowler modifications. The venerable Land Rover Defender – now reaching the end of its shelf life – may not seem the perfect rally car. But a Defender tweaked and fettled with some Bowler Fairy […]

Range Rover Long Wheelbase revealed & new Range Rover LWB Autobiography Black too

Photo Range Rover LWB

Land Rover has revealed the new Range Rover Long Wheelbase and added a new range-topping version too – the Range Rover LWB Autobiography Black. It was always a give – especially with demand for luxury cars better able to offer an expansive rear cabin in China – that Land Rover would stretch the Range Rover […]

Range Rover Evoque XL by 2016. Does that mean a new Evoque too?

Photo 2014 Range Rover Evoque

It seems Land Rover are planning on launching a Range Rover Evoque XL – a LWB Evoque – in 2016. Does that mean a new Evoque too? We’ve thought, ever since Land Rover launched the Range Rover Evoque, that a stretched version would be on the cards to fit between the Evoque and the Range […]

Range Rover Hybrid completes Silk Trail Expedition to India (video)

Photo Range Rover Hybrid in India

A trio of Range Rover Hybrids has completed the 10,000 mile Silk Trail Expedition to India ahead of its public launch. Land Rover has been busy for the last 53 days taking a trio of Range Rover Hybrids down the Silk Trail from Land Rover’s home in the Midlands to Tata’s home in India. In […]

Land Rover can’t keep up with demand for Range Rover & Range Rover Sport

Photo new Range Rover Sport

It seems demand for the new Range Rover and new Range Rover Sport is so high that Land Rover can’t make enough, despite 24 hour production. The Range Rover has been a big success for Land Rover in recent years, and the launch of the new Range Rover last year – even with big price […]

Range Rover Sport RS caught on video at Nurburgring

Photo Range Rover Sport RS caught on video at Nurburgring

The soon to arrive Range Rover Sport RS – the hot version of the new Range Rover Sport – has been caught on video testing at the Nurburgring. The new Range Rover Sport is only just starting to fin its way on toi the road after its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March, […]

Range Rover Evoque delivers VIPs to Frankfurt off-road (video)

Photo Range Rover Evoque off-road Frankfurt

Land Rover chauffeured their Brand Ambassadors to the Frankfurt Motor Show in a Range Rover Evoque, but not in a conventional way. If you’ve got a famous face, and your background is deemed a ‘fit’, car makers will seek to sign you up as a ‘Brand Ambassador’ to promote their offerings. And with that will […]

Range Rover Hybrids cross Russia on Silk Trail 2013 expedition

Photo Range Rover Hybrid Russia

Land Rover’s trek down the Silk Trail to India with the new Range Rover hybrid is progressing, with the new hybrids crossing Russia unscathed. The new Range Rover Hybrid (and the Range Rover Sport Hybrid) will be arriving in Land Rover Showrooms in the New Year after their debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show last […]

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