August 23, 2014

McLaren 12C Concept showcases McLaren Special Operations (MSO) goodies

Photo McLaren 12C MSO Concept

McLaren has built a 12C Concept to showcase some of the individual options available from McLaren Special Operations (MSO). Unless you’ve ever been and bought a supercar (or a high-end luxury car) new, you may not realise that the regular options list is just the starting point for individual customisation. In fact everyone, from Ferrari […]

McLaren 12C GT Sprint costs £234,000

Photo McLaren 12C GT Sprint

The track only McLaren GT Sprint, revealed in July, will cost £195,000 plus VAT, making it £234,000 in the UK. Back in July, McLaren revealed the 12C GT Sprint - and debuted it at the Goodwood Festival of Speed -  a track only 12C that fills a gap between the regular road car and the 12C GT3 and […]

McLaren 12C GT Sprint fills the gap between the 12C & GT3

Photo McLaren 12C GT Sprint

The McLaren 12C GT Sprint has been revealed a a track car that fills the gap between the road-going 12C and the hardcore track 12C GT3. Will cost around £200k. McLaren has revealed a track car that’s not quite as focused as the 12C GT3 or the Can Am, but a bit more focused than […]

McLaren Qualified launched for Approved Used McLarens

Photo McLaren 12C Spider

McLaren has launched ‘McLaren Qualified’, an approved scheme for used McLaren 12c and 12C Spider with up to two years unlimited warranty. The McLaren 12C (which was the MP4-12C until McLaren decided that was just too much of a mouthful) has now been in production for more than two years and was recently joined by […]

McLaren MP4-12C SGP Edition

McLaren MP4-12C SGP Edition

A trio of special edition McLaren MP4-12C have been commissioned from McLaren Special Operations by Singapore car dealer Wearnes Automotive. We’ve had quite a flurry of activity from McLaren lately , what with the UK debut of the 12C Spider, the McLaren X-1 based on the 12C by McLaren Special Operations (MSO) and the big one […]

It’s the McBatmobile! McLaren X-1 debuts at Pebble Beach

McLaren X-1 Photo at Woking

McLaren Special Operations has delivered the McLaren X-1 to Pebble Beach, a re-bodied, one-off McLaren MP4-12C. We knew McLaren were planning a special car for Pebble Beach, and this is it – the McLaren X-1 Concept. If McLaren were looking for a way to show just how much the customisation service at Woking - McLaren Special Operations – […]

McLaren 12C Spider: The video

McLaren 12C Spider video

Last week we had the reveal of the convertible version of the MP4-12C – the McLaren 12C Spider – and now we get the first video of McLaren’s convertible supercar. We did think McLaren would have released a video of the new 12C Spider when it was revealed last week, but they’ve obviously got the hang of […]

McLaren 12C Spider: Official

McLaren 12C Spider

After a tease last week McLaren Automotive has revealed the convertible MP4-12C – the McLaren 12C Spider. We did think there was a chance McLaren would try to steal Ferrari’s thunder by revealing the convertible version of the MP4-12C at Goodwood this last weekend, but they didn’t. But today the McLaren 12C Spider (not the MP4-12C Spider) is officially […]

McLaren 12C Spider teased

McLaren MP4-12C Spider tease

McLaren has started to tease the 12C Spider – the convertible 12C – ahead of full details in the next few days. We’ve know that a convertible version of the McLaren MP4-12C – the 12C Spider – has been on the way for some time, but now it’s almost here. We thought McLaren would just […]

McLaren Automotive First Anniversary: 1,000 McLaren MP4-12C sold and counting

White McLaren MP4-12C

McLaren Automotive is a year old and is celebrating selling over 1,000 McLaren MP4-12Cs in the first twelve months. It’s actually a bit more than  three years since Ron Dennis announced the formation of McLaren Automotive, which had a live launch on Cars UK on 18th March 2010. But McLaren don’t seem to acknowledge that date as the start […]

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