January 26, 2015

McLaren 625C Coupe & Spider. So THAT’s what it is

Photo McLaren 625C Coupe & Spider

The McLaren 625C Coupe & Spider have been revealed a an Asia-specific model based on the 650S but with a little less power and a bit more comfort. Early last month we reported that there was a McLaren 625C on the way, even if it made no sense. It made no sense because we couldn’t see […]

McLaren P1 GTR track monster revealed at Pebble Beach

Photo McLaren P1 GTR

The McLaren P1 GTR – McLaren’s new P1 for the track – has been revealed at Pebble Beach, with McLaren proclaiming the P1 GTR the ‘Best driver’s car on track’. McLaren has taken the covers of the McLaren P1 GTR at Pebble Beach (after a tease last month) to demonstrate its design and intent ahead of […]

McLaren 650S Sprint revealed – debuts at Pebble Beach

Photo McLaren 650S Sprint

The McLaren 650S Sprint – a hardcore, track-only version of the McLaren 650S Coupe – has been revealed ahead of a debut at Pebble Beach 2014. The arrival of the McLaren 650S in February (and the end of the 12C, unless it’s being replaced by the McLaren 625C) meant, in all probability, that the various […]

New McLaren 625C on the way – is this P13 or a re-badged McLaren 12C

Photo McLaren 625C

The McLaren 625C is about to arrive, but is the 625C the much anticipated, lower-priced P13 or is it a refresh for the McLaren 12C? We should find out at Pebble Beach. What is the McLaren 625C? It’s a good question, but a very good source tells us that it’s already built and is likely […]

McLaren Special Operations (MSO) P1 and 650 S Spider Pebble Beach debut

Photo Mclaren P1 MSO

McLaren Special Operations (MSO) will showcase two of their latest creations with a special McLaren P1 and 650 S Spider at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. It may be Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations in the news at the moment, but McLaren’s own Special Operations has been around since 2011, creating extreme examples of […]

McLaren P1 GTR OFFICIALLY previewed – debuts at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

Photo McLaren P1 GTR

The track only take on the McLaren P1 – the McLaren P1 GTR – is previewed in a design sketch ahead of its official debut at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. We learnt last month that McLaren had decided to produce a P1 for the track – a la the Ferrari FXX programme – […]

McLaren 650S GT3 revealed at Goodwood

Photo McLaren 650S GT3 revealed at Goodwood

The McLaren 650S GT3 – McLaren’s GT3 replacement for the 12C GT3 – has been revealed at Goodwood with big improvements over the 12C. The arrival of the McLaren 650S meant a GT3 version wouldn’t be far behind as McLaren transferred all that’s better about the 650S to the track version, and now the McLaren […]

McLaren MSO 650S going in to production – debuts at Goodwood & costs from £252,500

Photo McLaren MSO 650S Concept

McLaren has revealed that it is building a limited 50 car run of the MSO (McLaren Special Operations) 650S as a coupe and Spider. Debut at Goodwood FoS. In April, we revealed the McLaren MSO 650S Coupe Concept, and such has been the reaction from McLaren buyers that McLaren has decided to put it in […]

McLaren P1 GTR is McLaren’s P1 for the track

Photo McLaren P1 GTR Sketch

The new P1 for the track is to be the McLaren P1 GTR as McLaren revive a moniker last seen on the icon F1 GTR and will be part of a McLaren GTR Programme. Last week, when McLaren announced it is already in profit after just three years of operation, they also announced a P1 for […]

McLaren P1 Track confirmed as McLaren Automotive goes in to profit

Photo McLaren P1

McLaren Automotive has reported its first operating profit just three years from when it started, and a McLaren P1 Track is confirmed. It’s only three years since McLaren Automotive entered the hugely competitive market for high-end supercars (well, it’s four years, but only three since the first 12C went to a customer), but it’s already […]

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