McLaren Sports Series is back – going sideways

McLaren Sport Series 'Spy' Photo

The McLaren Sports Series – McLaren’s new baby ‘P13′ car – is back being teased again, this time with a view of the whole car on track as it tackles a bend sideways. Last month, McLaren finally announced that the long-awaited entry-level McLaren – previously known as the P13 – would get the rather odd […]

McLaren 625C debuts in China

Photo McLaren 625C

The McLaren 625C – the first region-specific McLaren, built for the Asian market – has made its public debut at the Guangzhou Motor Show in China ahead of going on sale. At the start of September we revealed that the McLaren 625C was on its way, but at that point we struggled to understand exactly what […]

New McLaren Sports Series (P13) first photo

Photo McLaren Sports Series

Just a few days after McLaren confirmed that the production version of the P13 ‘budget’ McLaren will be called the Sports Series, we get the first photo. Just a day after the McLaren Sports Series was confirmed as the long-awaited ‘budget’ McLaren, and the production version of what we’ve referred to until now as the McLaren […]

McLaren Sports Series confirmed – the P13 is on its way

Photo McLaren Sports Series confirmed

The McLaren Sports Series has been confirmed as the production McLaren P13 and will debut in Q2 2015 as a rival to the Porsche 911 and new Mercedes AMG GT. McLaren confirmed officially late last year that the car we know as the McLaren P13 is on its way, but now we know it will known […]