September 16, 2014

Still saving for a McLaren F1? You’ll need to try harder as they’ve hit £6.2 million

Photo McLaren F1 $10 million

A McLaren F1 road car has been sold to a British buyer for a reported £6.2 million, making it the most expensive McLaren F1 sold to date. The price of the McLaren F1 keeps on rising, and just last year F1 chassis #66 was sold by Gooding and Co in the US for a then […]

McLaren MSO reveals MSO 650S Coupe Concept

Photo McLaren MS 650S Coupe Concept

McLaren Special Operations (MSO) has revealed a 650S Coupe concept showcasing many of the custom options available for the 650S Coupe and Spider. It’s only a few months since we had a McLaren MSO 12C Concept from McLaren Special Operations (MSO) – Maclaren’s division that titivates cars for a significant wad of cash – to […]

McLaren 12C production ends – killed off by the new 650S

Photo McLaren 12C

McLaren has confirmed that production of the 12C has ended as the new McLaren 650S takes its place in an evolution of the McLaren lineup. When the new McLaren 650S was revealed in February, we commented that we expected the McLaren 12C to quietly disappear. And it has. To start with McLaren simply halted production […]

McLaren P1 sales will double turnover and quadruple profit in 2014 for McLaren

Photo McLaren P1

The McLaren P1 – McLaren’s stunning hybrid supercar – will see McLaren’s profits rise by 400 per cent and its turnover double in 2014. We’re starting to see the McLaren P1 – McLaren’s modern replacement for the iconic McLaren P1 – rolling out to lucky owners, and that will continue apace during 2014. Which means […]

McLaren 650s Configurator goes live

Photo McLaren 650S Configurator

The McLaren 650S Configurator – for the 650S Coupe and 650S Spider – has gone live on McLaren’s website with a wide range of options to build your own 650S The new McLaren 650S arrived at the Geneva Motor Show last week – and as the 650S Spider too – and looks, and performs, far […]

McLaren 650S Spider joins 650S Coupe: Geneva Motor Show

Photo McLaren 650S Spider

The McLaren 650 S Spider has been revealed at the Geneva Motor Show alongside the new 650S Coupe. Costs from £212,250. We had the reveal of the new McLaren 650S Coupe just last month, but what we didn’t get is the reveal of the Convertible version. But that’s all changed today with the arrival of […]

McLaren 650S priced from £195,250 and does 0-62mph in 3.0 seconds

Photo McLaren 650S Price

The new McLaren 650S – a more focused 12C – will cost from £195,250 and accelerate to 62mph in 3.0 seconds and to 124mph in 8.4 seconds. It’s only ten days since the McLaren 650S was revealed as a more hardcore version of McLaren 12C supercar – and with more than a hint of P1 styling […]

Chris Harris finds the McLaren P1 “a whole new thing” (video)

Photo Chris Harris and McLaren's Chris Goodwin in the McLaren P1

Drive man Chris Harris gets let loose with the new McLaren P1 on the roads of Dubai and the Yas Marina track in this video review. We know the McLaren P1 is exceptional, and we’ve heard almost the same ‘game changer’ dialogue from anyone who’s driven it. We’ve also seen the McLarenj P1 on the […]

New McLaren 650S Coupe & Spider: OFFICIAL

Photo new McLaren 650S Coupe

The McLaren 650S – McLaren’s more focused and more powerful 12C – has been officially revealed ahead of a debut at Geneva as Coupe and Spider. After an initial tease last week, we had the first official photos of the new McLaren 650s yesterday which has prompted McLaren to do the right thing and officially […]

McLaren 650S revealed early

Photo McLaren 650S

The new McLaren 650S – a more focused and powerful 12C – has been revealed early ahead of a debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month. Just a few days age we had the first tease for the new McLaren 650S, a car McLaren said was aimed between the existing 12C and the hypercar […]

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