April 23, 2014


Mercedes Concept Coupe SUV previews the MLC, Mercedes’ take on the BMW X6

Photo Mercedes Concept Coupe SUV

The Mercedes Concept Coupe SUV has been revealed at the Beijing Motor Show previewing the Mercedes MLC, a coupe version of the ML. The arrival of a Mercedes MLC – a coupe version of the ML – has been clearly signalled for some time but now, with the debut of the Mercedes Concept Coupe SUV […]

Mercedes AMG GT revealed – but just the interior

Photo Mercedes AMG GT Interior

The Mercedes AMG GT – successor to the AMG SLS – will debut at the Paris Motor SHow later in 2014, but Mercedes has revealed the interior ahead of that. The Mercedes SLS is coming towards the end of its shelf life and, although it’s not getting a direct replacement, the new Mercedes AMG GT […]

Mercedes CLA employs a cat in new advert to demonstrate its aerodynamic shape (video)

Photo Mercedes CLA sliding cat

With the Mercedes CLA – the swoopy coupe take on the Mercedes A-Class – hitting UK roads, Mercedes is using a cat to pitch its aerodynamic credentials. We’re not entirely sure that Mercedes has chosen to focus attention on a cat in a new advert for the CLA to dig at Jaguar’s mickey-take of its […]

New Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive goes in to production

Photo Mercedes B-Class ED

Mercedes has begun production of the B-Class Electric Drive at their plant in Rastatt, Germany. On sale in Europe in 2014, UK in 2015. With the BMW i3 grabbing headlines – and flying out of showrooms – as BMW’s first electric car, Mercedes need to play catch-up with a convincing EV of their own, and […]

Mercedes Concept Coupe SUV is the new Mercedes ML Coupe (MLC)

Photo Mercedes Coupe Concept SUV

The Mercedes Concept Coupe SUV has been revealed ahead of a debut at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show, previewing a coupe version of the Mercedes ML. Cars UK reported back in 2011 that a Mercedes ML Coupe (perhaps the Mercedes MLC) was in the planning to take on the BMW X6, and Mercedes confirmed as […]

New Mercedes SL 400 replaces SL 350

Photo new Mercedes SL 400

Mercedes-Benz has revealed the Mercedes SL 400 as a replacement for the SL 350, sporting a little more power courtesy of the E400′s engine. It’s a little over two years since the latest Mercedes SL arrived, and Mercedes has now decided to add a little zest to sales by dropping the old SL 350 and […]

Mercedes GLA SUV UK launch down a salt mine in Cheshire

Photo new Mercedes GLA down a salt mine in Cheshire

The Mercedes GLA Compact SUV has had its UK launch running round the tunnels of the UK’s biggest salt mine at Winsford in Cheshire. Trying to find an unusual venue for new car launches is something that taxes the brains of car PR teams, and Mercedes came up with somewhere a little left field for […]

Mercedes CLA 45 AMG gets the Brabus treatment

Photo Mercedes CLA 45 AMG Brabus

The Mercedes CLA 45 AMG has been given a makeover by Brabus with an extra 40bhp and a number of cosmetic changes. The Mercedes CLA 45 AMG is already the most powerful 2.0 litre 4-door saloon/coupe on the market, offering an immense 355bhp and 332lb/ft of torque. But if you think the CLA 45 AMG […]

Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe: OFFICIAL

Photo new Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe

The 577bhp Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe – the most powerful version of the new S Class Coupe – has been revealed ahead of a New York Auto Show debut. The production version of the Mercedes S-Class Coupe only arrived last month, but Mercedes has already moved the S-Class Coupe forward with the reveal today of […]

Mercedes S-Class Coupe: OFFICIAL

Photo Mercedes S-Class Coupe

The Mercedes S-Class Coupe has been officially revealed ahead of a Geneva Motor Show debut next month as a striking take on a 2-door S-Class. We has high expectations for the replacement for the Mercedes CL after Mercedes revealed the S-Class Coupe Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year. And now the proper production […]

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