February 27, 2015

Mercedes SLS AMG GT Final Edition revealed ahead of debut at Los Angeles & Tokyo

Photo Mercedes SLS AMG GT Final Edition

The very last iteration of the Mercedes SLS – the Mercedes SLS AMG GT Final Edition – will debut at the Los Angeles and Tokyo Motor Shows. It’s more than four years since the Mercedes SLS Gullwing was revealed at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show as the Mercedes replacement for the Mercedes McLaren SLR. And now […]

Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Drive sets Nurburgring production EV record

Photo Mercedes SLS AMG ED at Nurburgring

The electric Mercedes SLS – the SLS AMG ED – has set a new lap record at the Nurburgring for an electric production car of 7m 55s. Just as Audi decides that the R8 e-Tron isn’t a production viable option, Mercedes decides to prove there is potential for electric cars at the very high end. […]

Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series and SLS AMG GT get UK price

Photo Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series

Mercedes has revealed the UK prices for the SLS AMG GT and SLS Black Series. SLS AMG GT costs from £165,030 and the Black Series from £229,985 Mercedes is revamping their SLS supercar range, which means the arrival of two new models in the UK – the SLS AMG GT and SLS AMG Black Series […]

New Mercedes SLS planned – & it won’t be a hybrid

Photo of Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series

AMG’s Tobias Moers has confirmed that a new Mercedes SLS is planned – as is a sub-SLS SLC – but it won’t come with hybrid power and electric assistance. The Geneva Motor Show – which ends this weekend – has seen a proper supercar bonanza with the new LaFerrari and McLaren P1 stealing the show with […]

2013 Mercedes SLS Electric Drive: Paris 2012

2013 Mercedes SLS Electric Drive

The electric SLS – the Mercedes SLS Electric Drive – has been shown at Paris 2012 ahead of a 2013 launch. Ignoring the fact that the Mercedes SLS Electric Drive will cost more than twice the price of the normal, 6.2 litre V8 petrol version, it’s an impressive car. Mercedes are billing the electric SLS […]

2013 Mercedes SLS AMG GT revealed

2013 Mercedes SLS AMG GT

Mercedes-Benz has revealed two additions to the SLS range with the Mercedes SLS AMG GT Coupe and Roadster with more power and cosmetic tweaks. It’s almost exactly a year since we had the last addition to the Mercedes SLS range when MB took the roof off the Gullwing to give us the SLS AMG Roadster. […]

Mercedes SLS AMG, David Couthard, Golf & a new Guinness world record

Mercedes SLS AMG Golf Ball Catch

David Coulthard drove a Mercedes SLS AMG, Jake Shepherd drove a golf ball and together they created a new Guinness World Record. What’s a good way to get some free PR for a car maker? A Guinness World Record sounds like a good idea (just like MINI in our story earlier today) as does a link to […]

Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series to get 650bhp. Roadster & Gullwing planned (video)

Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series

The Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series looks set to arrive as both a roadster and Gullwing and get 650bhp. Due in 2013. We’ve been talking about a Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series almost since the SLS first arrived. But it took until September this year for Mercedes to confirm the SLS Black Series was coming. […]

Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster Configurator Live

The Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster Configurator goes live

Mercedes has revealed a configurator for the Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster where you can configure your perfect car and even play with the throttle. This last month, and in particular the last ten days, the Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster has cropped up here on an almost daily basis. We got the first official – but slightly disguised – […]

Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster: Video of the new SLS soft-top

Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster Video showing the Roadster looking better than the Gullwing

We have video of the Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster, and to our eyes it is much more appealing than the SLS Gullwing Coupe. With all the stories and photos we’ve run on the Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster, it feels like it’s been here for ages. But it hasn’t. In fact, we think, this is the first video we’ve […]

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