MG3: Shanghai Motor Show

UK version of MG3 photo

The European MG3 SuperMini has been revealed at the Shanghai Motor Show ahead of going on sale in the UK this summer at price starting under £10k. Even though MG is back in business, they don’t have a huge amount to show for it in the UK and Europe. Yes, there’s the MG6 (which now has a […]

Rolls Royce Ghost EWB launched +video

Rolls Royce Ghost EWB launched at Shanghai

Rolls Royce has launched the Rolls Royce Ghost EWB at the Shanghai Motor Show, featuring an extra 6″ in the back. Plus Rolls Royce Ghost China Edition revealed. Really, you wouldn’t expect Rolls Royce to release something as common as a long wheelbase Ghost, would you? No, this Ghost is an extended wheelbase Ghost – […]

Subaru XV Crossover revealed in Shanghai

Subaru XV Crossover Concept revealed at Shanghai

Subaru reveals the Subaru XV Crossover Concept at the Shanghai Motor Show, a high-riding, 4WD Impreza Crossover. Last week we had a tease for the Subaru XV Concept in the usual form of a dark image with all detail taken out. But it looked like a crossover, and a crossover is what made most sense. […]

Volvo Concept Universe: Volvo aims high

Volvo Concept Universe - a new big Volvo - revealed in Shanghai

Volvo has revealed the Volvo Concept Universe at the Shanghai Motor Show, a new look at a high-end Volvo. With a spangly grill. We got the tease on the Volvo Concept Universe, which is what you would expect in this age of pre-launch torment from car makers. And now we get the reality. And we’re […]

2012 VW Beetle revealed

2012 VW Beetle revealed ahead of News York & Shanghai

Volkswagen has revealed the 2012 VW Beetle ahead of a debut at the Shanghai and New York Motor Shows. Back to the future again with the reveal today – ahead of a debut at both New York and Shanghai – of the 2012 Volkswagen Beetle. Where do you go when you update a car that’s […]

Citroen DS5: Official

Citroen DS5 - with Hybrid4 diesel electric hybrid - is revealed

Citroen has revealed the Citroen DS5 – complete with Hybrid4 powertrain –  which appears to be as convincing an upmarket Citroen as the DS3. We had the arrival of the Citroen DS5 trumpeted as long ago as 2009 when we revealed that the DS5 would arrive in 2009, complete with hybrid diesel powertrain. Despite the official debut […]