August 20, 2014

Nissan GT-R 2010 – Tokyo Catchup

The 2010 Nissan GT-R at the Tokyo Motor Show

Nissan has brought along a 2010 GT-R to the Tokyo show featuring a new SatNav, tweaked suspension and better connectivity. We, along with every other car site and magazine, have raved about the Nissan GT-R. It is an astonishing car, but most astonishing is the price. Less than £60k for a supercar. A four seat […]

Honda plans ‘Green’ Sports car – not an LF-A

The New Honda NSX - all back on

Honda boss Takanobu Ito wants to make a ‘Green’ sports car. Perhaps a hydrogen fuel cell S2000 in 2012? Car makers have had to change their plans significantly in the last couple of years – none more so than Honda. Honda pulled out of F1 less than a year ago as a result of the […]

Caterham CSR 175 – Tokyo Catchup

The CAterham CSR 175 revealed at Tokyo

Caterham has revealed a new model in the CSR range – the Caterham CSR 175. Intended for Japan only, we should see a similar model in the UK in 2010. We reported a few weeks ago that with the economic crisis still enveloping car makers round the world the Tokyo Motor Show was going to […]

Honda CR-Z Hybrid – Tokyo reveal

Mugen could be planning a tuned version of the new Honda CR-Z Hybrid

The hybrid Honda CR-Z – sporting a 1.5 litre petrol engine and a six speed manual ‘box – has been revealed at Tokyo. Honda has unveiled what they are calling the CR-Z concept at Tokyo today, But it’s not a concept – as we said when we reported a few weeks ago on the CR-Z […]

Nissan Leaf Revealed – 3 more Electric Cars to come

The Nissan Leaf revealed at Tokyo

Nissan has revealed the Nissan Leaf EV at Tokyo and confirmed there are three more electric cars to come, including an electric Infiniti. We had the first information on Nissan’s Leaf EV a couple of months ago, at about the time GM were trumpeting the massive economy of the Chevy Volt. Nissan trumped their figures […]

Lexus LF-A – revealed +video

The Lexus LF-A

Lexus has revealed the LF-A at the Tokyo Motor Show, featuring a 553bhp V10 with a 0-60mph of 3.5 seconds. In the car world, particularly with the changing landscape brought about climate change concerns, a year is a long time. Which of us a year ago would have expected BMW to turn up to the […]

Toyota Sai Revealed

The Toyota Sai Hybrid - a Toyota-ised Lexu HS 250h

Toyota has revealed a larger hybrid in Japan – the Toyota Sai – based on the Lexus HS 250h and offering 190bhp from its petrol hybrid powerplant. A couple of weeks ago we reported that Toyoto were going to take the wraps off a new hybrid in their range – the Toyota Sai – on […]

Lotus Exige Scura revealed

Lotus has revealed a limited edition Exige S - the Scura / Stealth

Lotus has revealed the Exige Scura – to be know as the Stealth Edition in Japan – a tweaked Exige S offering 260bhp. It will debut at Tokyo. The organisers of the Tokyo Motor Show must be chuffed that at least one non-Japanese car maker is turning up to show their wares. And that one […]

Lexus LF-A – best car ever driven +video

Video thumbnail for youtube video Lexus LF-A - best car ever driven +video

Dutch car journalist Thomas Bangma has been driving the new V-10 engined Lexus LF-A and says it is the best car he’s ever driven. Update 21/9/09: Lexus has now revealed the LF-A Now that is a statement and a half. Thomas Bangma is a Dutch motoring journalist. He’s driven most of what is worth driving […]

Mazda2 2010 Update?

The Mazda2 from Thailand - featuring a Mazda3 style nose

Mazda appears to have updated the Mazda2 for 2010 if pictures from their new factory in Thailand are anything to go by. We’re back on the same tack as the Evo X upgrades for 2010. This time it’s the Mazda2, which Mazda has been telling us has started production in Thailand. Not earth-shattering news, I’m […]

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