March 3, 2015

Nissan LEAF glows in the dark as Nissan highlight solar energy

Photo Nissan LEAF glow at night

Nissan has revealed a LEAF EV with ‘glow in the dark’ treatment as they highlight how cheap a LEAF EV is to run with power from solar panels. We’re not entirely sure the idea of cars that glow at night is a good one, but it’s how Nissan are choosing to showcase the benefits of […]

Nissan LEAF UK sales DOUBLE in 2014

Photo Nissan LEAF 2014 sales

The electric Nissan LEAF retained its title as the best-selling electric car in the UK and Europe in 2014, doubling sales in the UK compared to 2013. The electric Nissan LEAF has been on sale in Europe since 2011, is built in the UK and is something of a sales success story. Well, in comparison […]

Nissan LEAF battery pack replacement DROPS to £5,000

Photo Nissan LEAF battery pack replacement DROPS to £5,000

The price of replacing a worn out battery pack in a Nissan LEAF EV has dropped in price from £20k three years ago to a much more reasonable £5,000. Nissan has been rolling out deals in various markets for replacing the battery packs on the LEAF EV recently as the first LEAFs now get to […]

2016 Nissan LEAF to get 250 mile range

Photo Nissan LEAF 250 mile range

Nissan boss, Carlos Ghosn, has said that the next generation of Nissan electric cars – the next LEAF is due in 2016 – will have an official range of 250 miles. We’ve never been a fan of electric cars as a replacement for the ICE car because they are incapable of offering the flexibility and […]

Nissan LEAF hits 3000 sales in the UK

Photo 2013 Nissan LEAF UK

The electric Nissan LEAF has clocked up the milestone of 3000 sales in the UK since it was launched in 2011, with global sales now over 87,000. What can probably be considered the first properly convincing electric car – the Nissan LEAF – has clocked up 3,000 sales in the UK since it was launched […]

Nissan LEAF owners to get FREE ICE car loans and recharging in the UK

Photo Nissan LEAF EVs

Nissan UK has announced that owners of the electric Nissan LEAF will be able to have a free loan of a petrol or diesel car and free charging. We’ve long been of the opinion that an electric car – assuming you’re prepared to fork out the silly amount of money they cost – is a […]

Nissan LEAF to be joined by four more electric Nissans

Photo Nissan LEAF

The Nissan LEAF is due to be joined by four more electric vehicles from Nissan as it expands its EV line-up to five in the coming years. The Nissan LEAF may be the most successful electric car in the world, but the numbers Nissan manages to sell are still tiny. But in a clear indication […]

Nissan Renault have sold 100,000 electric cars

Photo Renault Zoe

Nissan boss, Carlos Ghosn, has revealed that Nissan and Renault have now sold 100,000 electric cars worldwide since the Nissan LEAF arrived in 2011. Nissan Renault are the only mainstream car maker to have embraced the idea that the electric car is the future, so they’ve been busy building and marketing their EV offerings for […]

New 2013 Nissan LEAF goes the ‘Battery Lease’ route UPDATED

Photo New 2013 Nissan LEAF UK

The new 2013 Nissan LEAF EV has been revealed with a raft of improvements, new price structure and a low headline price thanks to a battery lease option. Update: We asked Nissan if owners of a LEAF who opt for a one year deal on the battery lease (which can cost up to £129 a […]

Nissan LEAF EV sales top 50,000

Photo of Nissan LEAF sold

Nissan has revealed that sales of the electric LEAF have now topped 50,000 units since the LEAF went on sale in 2010. We’re not fans of the electric car as a replacement for the ICE car, but some electric cars can give a fair impression (at a a price) of a traditional family car, and […]

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