March 4, 2015

Lexus IS 300h promises unrivalled ownership costs

Lexus IS 300h F Sport Photo

The new Lexus IS 300h hybrid is being trumpeted as offering unrivalled ownership costs thanks to high residuals, low service costs and 99g/km emissions. It’s always been said that the Japanese luxury brands need to offer more diesel models to be able to compete on a level playing field in Europe, but Lexus don’t agree. […]

Is Stirling Moss a misogynist & homophobe? No, just a man from a bygone age.

Photo of Sir Stirling Moss

Stirling Moss doesn’t want a gay actor to portray him in films and doesn’t believe women have the mental aptitude to make an F1 driver. Sir Stirling Moss is a remarkable character; a proper ‘Boys Own’ hero from a bygone age where men where men and women cooked and cleaned and did as they were told […]

Toyota & Lexus: Hybrid sales in Europe hit 20%

Toyota Hybrid Badge photo

Toyota has revealed that sales of hybrid Toyota and Lexus cars have hit 20 per cent of total sales in Europe in the first quarter of 2013. The ‘Green’ evangelists want to get us all driving electric cars to save the planet, but in the real world car drivers want a car that offers them all the practicality of […]

Driving whilst smoking should be banned say motorists

Photo smoking and driving

A survey by the Institute of Advanced Motorists finds the majority of motorists in favour of banning smoking for drivers. We live in a Nanny State, and a Nanny State revels in banning us from simple pleasures. Like smoking. Smoking is bad for you, it’s bad for those around you, it costs a fortune and […]

Pink Rolls Royce Ghost FAB 1 supports Breast Cancer Care

Pink Rolls Royce Ghost with Chris Evans, Brian Cox, Mary Berry and Gary Barlow photo

Rolls Royce has provided a Pink RR Ghost EWB to Chris Evans’ FAB 1 Million project to support Breast Cancer Care. Chris Evans and cars go together. So when the Ginger one had the bright idea that he should plant his FAB 1 number plate on a pink Rolls Royce and use it to raise […]

New VW Golf GTD: Price from £25,285

Photo Volkswagen Gold GTD Mk 7

The new Golf GTD Mk 7 arrived at the Geneva Motor Show last month and has now gone on sale in the UK, priced from £25,285. Now the UK has followed the lead of Europe and decided diesel cars are a must-have (despite that fact that for most who do average mileage the opposite is […]

The biggest Rolls-Royce Showroom…in the World

Rolls Royce Showroom Shenyang China Photo

The biggest rolls Royce showroom in the world has opened in Shenyang, China, offering 1200 square metres of space on two floors. It really isn’t all that long since the idea of selling Rolls Royce cars in China seemed about as good an idea as setting up a chain of ‘Condom4U’ stores in Ireland. But times […]

Smart ForTwo Cityflame edition launches

Smart ForTwo Cityflame Photo

The Smart ForTwo Cityflame is another limited edition Smart car for the UK with a bright yellow paint job with black highlights and an interior with yellow highlights. The business model for the Smart car does seem to revolve around ‘Limited Edition’ cars, and that’s even more crucial with the current Smart ForTwo getting close […]

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport gets its Guinness World Speed Record back

Photo Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

It seems Guinness has had a changed of heart after it cancelled the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport’s World Speed record and has reinstated it. Only last week we reported that Guinness World Records had cancelled the world speed record for a production car held by the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport after they woke up and […]

Hyundai: E4U Egg Car & Fluidic Sculpture in Motion

Hyundai: E4U Egg Car & Fluidic Sculpture in Motion image

Hyundai is busy building ‘Brand Awareness’ and has revealed a new mode of transport – the E4U Egg car and are displaying Fluidic Sculpture in Motion in Milan. Hyundai has already made it clear that 2013 will be about ‘Brand Awareness’ rather than releasing a new raft of models and chasing ever increasing sales, so two Hyundai outings […]

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