April 19, 2014


2014 MINi Countryman gets a facelift to bring it closer to the new MINI Hatch

Photo 2014 MINI Countryman Facelift

The MINi Countryman is getting a small facelift for 2014/2015 as MINI refreshes its ‘big’ MINI to make it look a little more like the new MINI Hatch. The MINI that’s far from mini – the MINI Countryman – is getting a bit of a refresh for 2014 with a minor facelift to take it […]

Mercedes AMG GT revealed – but just the interior

Photo Mercedes AMG GT Interior

The Mercedes AMG GT – successor to the AMG SLS – will debut at the Paris Motor SHow later in 2014, but Mercedes has revealed the interior ahead of that. The Mercedes SLS is coming towards the end of its shelf life and, although it’s not getting a direct replacement, the new Mercedes AMG GT […]

Peugeot 2008 DKR heading for the Dakar Rally. Not that it looks much like a 2008

Photo Peugeot 2008 DKR

The Peugeot 2008 DKR has been revealed as a Dakar-challenging take on the 2008 Crossover with extreme styling and rear-wheel-drive. After steering clear of the Dakar Rally for a quarter of a century, Peugeot is back in the endurance rally game with the Peugeot 2008 DKR, a rally car that shares its name with Peugeot’s 2008 […]

Citroen DS 6WR SUV (NOT DS X7) is the production version of the Wild Rubis

Photo Citroen DS 6WR

The Citroen DS 6WR – initially thought to be the DX X7) – has been revealed as the production version of the Wild Rubis Concept as a DS SUV for China. Last week Citroen started to tease a new SUV heading for the Beijing Motor Show, which we thought would be the DS X7. But […]

Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept: OFFICIAL (+video)

Photo Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept

The Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept, Land Rovers pointer to a future Discovery family, has been revealed alongside a scale model of the Virgin Galactic in New York. Last night we had the first photo of the new Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept as it leaked out ahead of the Discovery’s reveal in New York alongside a […]

New Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept leaks

Photo Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept

The new Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept, previewing the future for both the Freelander and Discovery, has leaked ahead of  New York Auto Show debut. The next models in line at Land Rover for a complete makeover are the Freelander and the Discover, both of which are going to be badged Discovery and will be […]

New Nissan Murano SUV revealed – but is it coming to the UK?

Photo 2015 Nissan Murano

The new 2015 Nissan Murano SUV has been revealed ahead of its debut at the New York Auto Show, but it’s unclear if its going on sale in the UK. The new Nissan Murano was teased a few weeks ago by Nissan and now, ahead of its public debut at the New York Auto Show, […]

Mercedes CLA employs a cat in new advert to demonstrate its aerodynamic shape (video)

Photo Mercedes CLA sliding cat

With the Mercedes CLA – the swoopy coupe take on the Mercedes A-Class – hitting UK roads, Mercedes is using a cat to pitch its aerodynamic credentials. We’re not entirely sure that Mercedes has chosen to focus attention on a cat in a new advert for the CLA to dig at Jaguar’s mickey-take of its […]

Smart ForTwo GrandStyle Edition looks like the run-out model – price from £10,330

Photo Smart ForTwo GrandStyle Coupe & Cabrio

The Smart ForTwo GrandStyle Edition has been revealed as probably the final version of the current Smart, with more toys and more luxury. The next generation Smart car is heading for the Paris Motor Show in October, so you can probably look at Smart’s latest special edition car – the Smart ForTwo GrandStyle Edition – as a […]

Volkswagen Jetta gets a small facelift – debuting at New York Auto Show

Photo 2015 Volkswagen Jetta

The Volkswagen Jetta is getting a facelift for the 2015 model year with small cosmetic tweaks, revised engines lineup and better aerodynamics. It’s three years since the current VW Golf with a boot – the Volkswagen Jetta – arrived, so it’s time for a nip and a tuck to keep it relevant. Volkswagen are planning […]

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