April 23, 2014


BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept previews the next 7-Series, not a new 9-Series

Photo BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept

The BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept has been revealed at the Beijing Motor Show and previews the next generation 7-Series rather than a new BMW 9-Series. The general consensus, when BMW revealed it was taking a concept to preview their vision of a luxury future to the Beijing Motor Show, was that it would be the […]

Mercedes Concept Coupe SUV previews the MLC, Mercedes’ take on the BMW X6

Photo Mercedes Concept Coupe SUV

The Mercedes Concept Coupe SUV has been revealed at the Beijing Motor Show previewing the Mercedes MLC, a coupe version of the ML. The arrival of a Mercedes MLC – a coupe version of the ML – has been clearly signalled for some time but now, with the debut of the Mercedes Concept Coupe SUV […]

Chinese Grand Prix (2014): RESULT

Chinese Grand Prix (2014): RESULT

Lewis Hamilton is on pole for Mercedes, followed by the Red Bulls and team mate Nico Rosberg. Will dry conditions in the race see Mercedes dominate? Qualifying for the 2014 China Grand Prix yesterday saw a much more level playing field than we’ve seen so far this year thanks to a rain-soaked track. But that […]

It’s the Audi TT Off-Road Concept, not the Audi Q4!

Photo Audi TT Off-Road Concept

Audi has revealed an off-road concept version of the TT ahead of its debut at the Beijing Motor Show, which was originally thought likely to be a Q4. When Audi previewed a coupe SUV heading for a debut at the Beijing Motor Show recently, we were convinced it would be a concept version of a […]

Volkswagen Golf R 400 revealed – and it looks production ready

Photo VW Golf R 400

The Volkswagen Golf R 400 has been revealed ahead of its debut at the Beijing Motor Show, and it looks far more production-ready than concept. A few days ago we had a teaser sketch for the VW Golf R 400, a 395 bhp version of the Golf R, which we assumed would be nothing more […]

Chinese Grand Prix qualifying: Hamilton on pole for Mercedes ahead of the Red Bulls

Photo China Grand Prix 2014 Qualifying

Lewis Hamilton has taken his 34th pole at the China Grand Prix in Shanghai, beating the Red Bulls of Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel in to 2nd and 3rd. Qualifying for the 2014 Chinese Grand Prix was a damp, chilly affair which had the effect of levelling the playing field. But no one told Lewis […]

Morgan Plus 8 Speedster celebrates 100 years of Morgan car production. Costs £69,995.

Photo Morgan Plus 8 Speedster

The Morgan Plus 8 Speedster is a limited edition Morgan built to celebrate 100 years of manufacturing at Morgan’s Pickersleigh Road site in Malvern. Morgans may still look like Morgans did half a century and more ago, but under the skin lies a car capable of holding its own (most of the time) with cars from […]

Audi A3 is the 2014 World Car of the Year

Photo Audi A3 World Car of the Year 2014

The Audi A3 has been voted the ‘World Car of the Year’ for 2014, beating off competition from cars like the BMW i3, Mazda3 and the Peugeot 308. The New York Auto Show is the place where the World Car of the Year winner is announced, so with the show now underway comes the news […]

Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Cell will launch in 2015: OFFICIAL

Photo Toyota FCV

Toyota has officially confirmed it will launch a hydrogen fuel cell car in Japan, USA and Europe in 2015, as previewed by the Honda FCV Concept. Toyota took the lead with hybrid technology a decade ago, and that’s gone from an expensive punt on new technology to a mainstay of Toyota production, with approaching 15 […]

Volkswagen Golf R 400 Concept with 395bhp heading for Beijing

Photo VW Golf R 400 Concept Sketch

A VW Golf R with 395bhp and extreme styling is heading for the Beijing Motor Show. The Volkswagen Golf R 400 Concept can get to 62mph in 3.9 seconds. Volkswagen usually reserve their extreme concepts for the Worthersee Show, but they’re heading to next week’s Beijing Motor Show with a very extreme Golf R. The […]

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