August 1, 2014

Saab: Is India’s Mahindra in the hunt for bankrupt Saab?

Are India's Mahindra in the hunt for Saab?

It’s reported that a representative of a ‘Large Indian Car Maker’ has been rebuffed by the Saab receivers. Victor Muller finally gave up the task of trying to keep Saab in business just before Christmas and filed for bankruptcy. Now, the task of finding a buyer for Saab is in the hands of the receivers, […]

Saab files for Bankruptcy

Saab Bankrupt

It looks like Victor Muller’s dream of saving Saab is over with Saab shares suspended and the company filing for bankruptcy. Saab has produced nothing since April and has lurched from crisis to crisis ever since. Victor Muller has pulled every trick he knows – and some he didn’t know he knew – to keep Saab […]

Saab: Muller seeking €600 million Chinese Bank loan to placate GM

Saab €600 million China Loan

Victor Muller is seeking a €600 million loan from a Bank in China to allow Saab to survive and circumvent GM’s objection to Chinese ownership. We’re not sure if this is ‘Plan B’ or whether we’re way beyond that now. But the latest ‘Save Saab’ pitch from Victor Muller is to acquire a €600 million […]

Saab: ‘Game Over’ says Administrator Guy Lofalk

Saab Guy Lofalk

Court Administrator for Saab – Guy Lofalk – says they have reached the end of the road with Saab with no money and no prospect of GM agreement. The death knell for Saab has been proclaimed more times in the last year than a ‘journey’ from an X Factor contestant. But, according to the Swedish […]

Saab: Forget Pang Da – now it’s Bank of China

Saab Youngman Bank of China

It’s reported that Victor Muller has now put together a new deal to ‘Save Saab’, involving Youngman and Saab plus the Bank of China. In yet another new deal for Saab, it’s reported this morning that Victor Muller has now put together a new deal to try and save Saab from its (still) imminent desire. […]

Saab: Muller used Antonov money to purchase Saab

Victor Muller Vladimir Antonov

Victor Muller has told Swedish TV that the money he used to buy Saab was funded by alleged fraudster Vladimir Antonov. In a revelation that will surprise no one, Saab ‘owner’ Victor Muller has revealed that the $74 million paid to GM when Spyker (as they then were) bought Saab was supplied to one of […]

Saab GB goes in to administration as China deal flounders

Saab GB Administration

Saab Great Britain Ltd (Saab GB) has filed for administration in the High Court as Swedish Automobile N.V. (Swan) fails to conclude a deal with China. It’s a wonder it’s taken so long. But finally, after having almost no new product to sell for most of 2011 – and car buyers running scared of Saab – […]

GM blocks Saab sale to China

GM block Saab sale

General Motors has said it will not allow its technology used by Saab to be sold to the Chinese. That means no Saab 9-4X or Epsilon Platform. Last week we had the first reaction from GM to the announcement that Saab was to be sold to China’s Youngman and Pang Da. And it wasn’t positive. […]

Saab China: Deal to sell Saab to Youngman & Pang Da is already in trouble

Saab GM

Only days after Saab announced it had accepted a takeover offer from China’s Youngman and Pang Da, GM casts doubt on its viability. Selling Saab to China was always going to be fraught with difficulties. The initial deal Victor Muller seemed to have brokered with Youngman and Pang Da was to sell a majority stake in Saab […]

Saab China Deal: Chinese Government support ‘In Principal’

Saab China Approval

With the deal for China’s Youngman and Pang Da to take control at Saab outlined, the Chinese Government now says the approve of the deal ‘In Principal’. Yesterday we had the news that Pang Da and Youngman – the Chinese companies seeking to buy Saab – have outlined the investment they propose to make in […]

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