April 24, 2014

Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Cell breakthrough to be announced at Frankfurt Motor Show

Photo Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Cell breakthrough to be announced at Frankfurt Motor Show

Toyota is set to reveal a breakthrough in hydrogen fuel cell technology at the Frankfurt Motor Show ahead of a new FCHV at Tokyo Motor Show. Regardless of whether you think the electric car is potentially a planet saviour or not, the idea of powering cars with hydrogen is a powerful one; the holy grail […]

Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R revealed & an all Hybrid/Fuel Cell Frankfurt for Toyota

Photo Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R

The 400bhp Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R has been revealed and Toyota has announced its 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show will be all hybrid and fuel cell cars. Last week we had the first hint of a new hybrid concept from Toyota – the Yaris Hybrid-R – which promised 400bhp and a reveal at Frankfurt. Now, Toyota has […]

Toyota Hybrid-R Concept – a Yaris with 400bhp – teased for Frankfurt

Tease photo of Toyota Hybrid-R Concept

Toyota are teasing a Hybrid-R Concept ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show which appears to be a Toyota Yaris with a 400bhp hybrid powertrain. We’ve always believed that the best use for hybrid powertrains is to get extra performance without the penalty of increased fuel consumption. Toyota, on the other hand, have primarily used their […]

Toyota GT86 TRD Griffon makes its debut at Goodwood (video)

Photo Toyota GT86 TRD Griffon

The extreme version of the GT86 – the Toyota GT86 TRD Griffon – maed its debut at the Goodowwd Festival of Speed this weekend and we have video. We’re still waiting for Toyota to make a more powerful version of the GT86 (and Subaru the BRZ), but we are starting to get more focused versions. We’ve […]

Toyota GT86 TRD Griffon heading for Goodwood FoS

Photo of Toyota GT86 TRD Griffon on track

An extreme version of Toyota’s TRD GT86 – the GT86 TRD Griffon is heading for the Goodwdood Festival of Speed, but it gets no more power. We’ve had a road-going version of the Toyota GT86 fettled by TRD and now we’re getting a track-focused version too. Just like the Toyota GT86 TRD, the Griffon version […]

Toyota Auris Touring Sports goes in to production

Toyota Auris Touring Sports on road photo

Toyota has started production of the Auris Touring Sports – the Auris Estate – with the first car rolling off the Toyota production line in Burnaston.   We’ve had the debut of the Toyota Auris Sports Touring, we know the specs, and we know how much the Auris Estate will cost. And now Toyota has started […]

Toyota Prius Recall: 5,000 UK cars affected – 242,000 worldwide

Photo 2009 Toyota Prius

The 2009, third generation, Toyota Prius is being recalled in the UK – and across the world – to fix a potential brake problem. Toyota has had a bit of a nightmare with recalls in recent years, and the news that they’re now having to recall 242,000 Prius models from 2009 worldwide is another financial, […]

Toyota Auris Hybrid emissions cut to 84g/km

Photo of Toyota Auris Hybrid Hatch & Estate

The emissions of the Toyota Auris Hybrid have been cut to just 84g/km as Toyota tweak the Auris to deliver lower emissions and improved economy. The latest Toyota Auris is a much better car than the previous generation, and the new Auris Touring Sports is a sensible addition to the range. But it’s the hybrid […]

Toyota ME.WE Concept: It’s an egalitarian EV

Toyota ME.WE Concept on beach with young couple

The Toyota ME.WE Concept is a utilitarian, compact electric car from Toyota with interchangeable body panels created with Jean-Marie Massaud. Jean-Marie Massaud is a French designer and architect who’s creations tend to be on the minimalist side. So if he’s playing at concept cars with Toyota, you’d expect the result to be a bit short on luxuries and equipment. And […]

Toyota & Lexus: Hybrid sales in Europe hit 20%

Toyota Hybrid Badge photo

Toyota has revealed that sales of hybrid Toyota and Lexus cars have hit 20 per cent of total sales in Europe in the first quarter of 2013. The ‘Green’ evangelists want to get us all driving electric cars to save the planet, but in the real world car drivers want a car that offers them all the practicality of […]

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