July 23, 2014

Toyota Verso is the first Toyota to get a BMW engine

Photo Toyota Verso BMW engine

The first fruits of the collaboration between Toyota and BMW has arrived with the 2014 Toyota Verso getting a 1.6 litre BMW diesel engine. Two years ago we reported that BMW would be supplying Toyota with diesel engines in Europe from 2014, And bang on time (as you’d expect from the Germans and Japanese) the […]

Toyota & Lexus open eBay Stores for parts and accessories

Photos Toyota & Lexus open eBay Stores for parts and accessories

Toyota and Lexus have opened eBay Stores to supply official parts and accessories for their cars direct to customers from their Lutterworth distribution centre. Toyota has taken both the Toyota and Lexus brand in to the world’s biggest marketplace – eBay – with new Lexus and Toyota stores designed to supply genuine parts and accessories to […]

Toyota GT86 Convertible (the Toyota FT-86 Concept) at Tokyo with roof up

Photo Red Toyota FT-86 Open Concept

The Toyota FT-86 Open (Toyota GT86 Convertible) will be at the Tokyo Motor Show complete with a working roof and a new red paint job. The Toyota FT-86 Open Concept (effectively a roadster version of the GT86) made an appearance earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show, and now Toyota are lining up a […]

Hydrogen-powered Toyota FCV Concept revealed

Hydrogen-powered Toyota FCV Concept revealed

The Toyota FCV Concept – Toyota’s latest hydrogen-powered car – has been revealed ahead of a debut at the Tokyo Motor Show.   Toyota revealed last month that their latest take on a hydrogen-powered car would be revealed at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. And here it is – the Toyota FCV Concept. The FCV […]

Is this a Toyota GT 86 four-door saloon?

Is this a Toyota GT 86 four-door saloon?

A photo posted on Facebook by the Dubai Auto Show organisers claims to be of a four-door Toyota GT 86 saloon due to debut tomorrow. There has been talk for some time that Toyota are going to stretch the GT 86 by 4″, add a couple of back doors and turn it in to a […]

New Hydrogen Fuel Cell Toyota at Tokyo Motor Show. The next Prius?

Photo Toyota FCV-R

Toyota will preview their production hydrogen powered car at the Tokyo Motor Show next month. Will it get the Prius badge? We’re getting very close to the proper arrival of the hydrogen fuel cell car, moving from a vastly expensive idea to an (almost) affordable family car. Hyundai are up with the leaders in the […]

2014 Toyota Land Cruiser facelift details – costs from £34,995

Photo 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser – Toyota’s venerable full blown SUV – gets a facelift for 2014, new model line-up and a starting price of £34,995. The Toyota Land Cruiser is a proper, old-fashioned bruiser of an SUV with proper off-road credentials and ability to go anywhere, and keep on going. But the world wants their […]

Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R: Details, specs and lots of photos

Photo Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R has now been fully revealed and we have all the specs, lots of photos and details of its 414bhp hybrid powertrain. The Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R is a Toyota hybrid concept like no other from Toyota so far, and we’ve had it teased and revealed in a sketch ahead of a debut […]

Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Cell breakthrough to be announced at Frankfurt Motor Show

Photo Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Cell breakthrough to be announced at Frankfurt Motor Show

Toyota is set to reveal a breakthrough in hydrogen fuel cell technology at the Frankfurt Motor Show ahead of a new FCHV at Tokyo Motor Show. Regardless of whether you think the electric car is potentially a planet saviour or not, the idea of powering cars with hydrogen is a powerful one; the holy grail […]

Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R revealed & an all Hybrid/Fuel Cell Frankfurt for Toyota

Photo Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R

The 400bhp Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R has been revealed and Toyota has announced its 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show will be all hybrid and fuel cell cars. Last week we had the first hint of a new hybrid concept from Toyota – the Yaris Hybrid-R – which promised 400bhp and a reveal at Frankfurt. Now, Toyota has […]

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