March 27, 2015

Toyota Prius+ gets a bit of a tweak for 2015

Photo Toyota Prius+ gets a bit of a tweak for 2015

-+*The Toyota Prius + – the Prius that is a seven-seat MPV – gets a bit of a facelift for 2015 with cosmetic and suspension tweaks and new tech. It’s more than three years since Toyota took the Prius and turned it in to the world’s only seven-seat MPV – the Toyota Prius+ – and […]

Toyota Prius Recall: 5,000 UK cars affected – 242,000 worldwide

Photo 2009 Toyota Prius

-+*The 2009, third generation, Toyota Prius is being recalled in the UK – and across the world – to fix a potential brake problem. Toyota has had a bit of a nightmare with recalls in recent years, and the news that they’re now having to recall 242,000 Prius models from 2009 worldwide is another financial, […]

Toyota Prius Plug-in price & options: Costs £32,895

Toyota Prius Plug-in

-+*The Toyota Prius Plug-in finally arrives in July 2012 and will cost £32,895 in a single spec plus a range of options. Toyota has been promising the Prius Plug-in would arrive in Toyota UK showrooms for quite some time and it looks like they’ve managed to pin that down to July. Probably. Toyota also seem to have finally […]

Toyota Prius+ Price & Specs – starts at £26,195

Toyota Prius+ Price

-+*The Toyota Prius+ – Toyota’s 7-seat eco MPV come people carrier – will cost from £26,195 for the Prius+ T4. Arrives in the summer. Toyota’s confusing path with the Prius brand continues with the launch in the summer of the Prius+ (Prius Plus), a people-carrying Prius with a couple of extra seats in the boot […]

Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid Economy & Emissions

Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid in blue

-+*Toyota has revealed that the Prius Plug-in will average 134.5mpg, emit 49g/km and cost under £35k in the UK. If you’re going to pay through the nose for a hybrid or electric car, probably the only route you should choose is a plug-in hybrid or a range-extender. And if you want to go the plug-in […]

Tweaked 2012 Toyota Prius starts at £21,350

2012 Toyota Prius

-+*The mildly revised 2012 Toyota Prius arrives in the UK. Starting at £21,350 it offers a mild cosmetic tweak and better specification. It’s hard to get too excited about the tweaks to the 2012 Toyota Prius, as Toyota hasn’t exactly pushed the boat out to overhaul the Prius for the new year. But tweaks there are and the new […]

Toyota Prius C launches with TRD Sporty options.

Toyota Prius C (Aqua) TRD

-+*The Toyota Prius C has launched in Japan (as the Toyota Aqua) with a host of TRD sporty options on offer. We first had concrete news on the compact Prius – the Toyota Prius C – when a brochure leaked out ahead of a début at the Tokyo Motor Show. And if you take the ‘C’ as compact, […]

Toyota Prius with added noise: The Prius Vehicle Proximity Notification

Prius Vehicle Proximity Notification

-+*Toyota has revealed a Vehicle Proximity Notification system to the Prius to make noise to warn pedestrians when the Prius is in EV mode. We’d much rather see a hybrid car than an electric one, but with plug-in hybrids starting to proliferate more car makers are having to address the issue of silent running endangering blind – […]

Toyota Prius plug-in to cost from £31k

Toyota Prius plug-in will cost £31k

-+*Toyota has announced that the Prius plug-in – due in the UK Spring 2012 – will cost from ‘under’ £31,000. We thought it was probably too good to be true. When we revealed that the US price for the new Toyota Prius plug-in was 36 per cent more than a regular Prius, we did hope that […]

Will the Toyota Prius plug-in cost much the same as a normal Prius?

Toyota Prius plug-in

-+*The Toyota Prius plug-in has been priced at 36 per cent more than a regular Prius in the US. Which means it could cost not much more than a regular Prius in the UK. Toyota has managed to corner the market in hybrid cars over the last decade after its remarkably prescient decision to focus on ‘Eco’ cars […]