December 22, 2014

Volkswagen CC R-Line announced for the UK

Photo VW CC R-Line

Volkswagen has added their subtle R-Line treatment to the options for the CC in the UK. Available as a petrol or diesel from £29,505. Earlier this year, Volkswagen decided they’d drop the price of the VW CC just a bit, so with an eye to a tick-box many UK buyers will like they’ve added the […]

New VW Golf R Mk 7 costs from £29,900 in the UK

New 2014 VW Golf R Mk 7 Photo

The new VW Golf R has gone on sale and VW has announced the Golf R will cost from £29,900, rising to £31,970 for the 5-door with DSG ‘box. The best of the MK 7 Golfs – the new Golf R – arrived back in August ahead of its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, […]

Volkswagen Woofwagen – There’s a dog for every VW (video)

Photo VW and Dog

Volkswagen UK is tapping in to the British love of dogs with a new video advert featuring a different dog for every VW model. Instead of focusing on marketing just one car in its enormous range, Volkswagen UK has decided to go mad and produce one video advert for its entire line-up. Sensibly, VW has […]

Audi planning a version of the VW Up!

Photo VW Up!

As Audi looks to grow its sales in the next few years, part of the plan is to launch an Audi version of the VW Up! City car. The German premium car makers – Audi, BMW and Mercedes – are in a battle to see who can sell the most ‘Premium’ cars. And Audi has […]

Drive the Polo R WRC as VW Rally the World

Photo Drive the Polo R WRC as VW Rally the World

Volkswagen’s outing in the World Rally Championship this year has been a  huge success, and now you can ‘Drive’ the Polo R WRC – virtually. Volkswagen have already made the most of their entry in to the World Rally Championships this year with the Polo R WRC – apart from the fact it’s created a […]

Volkswagen give the VW XL1 Ducati power

Photo Volkswagen give the VW XL1 Ducati power

Volkswagen has fitted the super-frugal, and very lightweight, VW XL1 with power from the Ducati Panigale to create an XL1 with proper performance. It’s more than two years since Volkswagen rolled out the VW XL1 Super Efficient Vehicle as a demonstration of how light weight and low power can make for extremely economical motoring. But the […]

Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan Concept previews 2014 Golf Plus

Photo Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan Concept

Volkswagen has revealed the Golf Sportsvan Concept which previews the next generation Golf Plus, due in 2014. Will debut at Frankfurt 2014. VW are calling the Golf Sportsvan a concept, but it’s pretty much what we’ll see in the new VW Golf Plus when it arrives in mid-2014. Just like the other new Golfs, the […]

VW e-Golf & e-Up! electric cars Frankfurt debut

Photo VW e-Golf & e-Up! electric cars

The world premiere of the production versions of VW electric e-Golf and e-Up! will take place at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. Electric cars may be a niche market, but that hasn’t stopped car makers trying to take a piece of whatever action there is, especially as governments around the world are subsidising EVs […]

New 2014 VW Golf R gets 296bhp – first photos

Photo 2014 Volkswagen Golf R

The new Mk 7 VW Golf R has been revealed ahead of a debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show and gets 296bhp and 4WD. On sale early 2014. We had expected the new Volkswagen Golf R to debut at Geneva this year, but that debut turned out to be the rather disappointing Mk 6 VW […]

VW Tiguan Match returns – costs from £23,245

Photo 2013 VW Tiguan Match

Volkswagen has had a play with the Tiguan and replaced the Tiguan SE with the Tiguan Match with more equipment for less money. Back in 2010, Volkswagen had a play with the Tiguan model lineup and replaced the Tiguan SE with a better equipped Tiguan Match. And history is now repeating itself. VW has decided, […]

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