April 19, 2014

VW Group planning 10-speed DSG, new powerful diesel engine & more plug-in hybrids

VW Group 10SPeed DSG, Powerful diuesels and more plug-in hybrids

Volkswagen has a new 10-speed DSG gearbox in development, a new diesel engine with electric boost delivering 136bhp per litre and will roll out more plug-in hybrids. The end of the internal combustion engine is nigh, they say, as the world tries to clean up its environmental act and works towards a goal of electric motors to […]

Volkswagen Rock Up! & Groove Up! launch

Volklswagen special edition Rock Up! with big grey stripe

Volkswagen has revealed a pair of Up! special models – the VW Groove Up! and Rock Up! – both with cosmetic tweaks and extra equipment and VW’s 1.0 litre 3-cylinder engine. It’s already getting on for two years since the VW Up! arrived as Volkswagen’s main weapon in the city car market, so it’s well overdue for […]

Volkswagen UK’s dealer showrooms get a revamp

Photo of a newly refurbished Volkswagen Dealers

Volkswagen is refurbishing its 210 UK dealer showrooms with waiting and refreshment areas, space for at least 10 cars, merchandise and accessories and Wi-Fi. It’s an interesting exercise to ponder on the future of main dealer showrooms as the world moves more and more towards an online buying experience. Are car showrooms a relic of the past or the perfect way, […]

VW Taigun Compact SUV heading for production

Image of front and rear of VW's Taigun compact SUV based on the Up!

The Volkswagen Taigun – a compact SUV based on the VW Up! – is heading for production after VW revealed a concept in 2012, and could be heading for the UK. South America has long had a love affair with little SUVs as the perfect way to negotiate their urban landscapes (there was a Ford EcoSport in […]

Volkswagen iBeetle takes iPhone integration to another level

Photo VW iBeetle

Volkswagen has delivered the VW iBeetle with a serious level of integration with the Apple iPhone at the Shanghai Motor Show, previewing further Smartphone integration. When we’re all walking round with Smartphones that possess the sort of computing power only a major desktop could offer just a few years ago, it makes sense for car makers to […]

Volkswagen CrossBlue Coupe photos arrive early

Firts photo of Volkswagen CrossBlue Coupe

We have the first photos of the VW CrossBlue Coupe – a full-size SUV Coupe – ahead of its debut this weekend at the Shanghai Motor Show. Yesterday we had the first sketches of a new full-sized SUV with a coupe roofline from Volkswagen – the VW CrossBlue Coupe – and now, ahead of its debut at the Shanghai […]

VW CrossBlue Coupe Concept heading for Shanghai

Photo VW CrossBlue Coupe Concept

Volkswagen is taking a new coupe SUV concept to the Shanghai Motor Show – the VW CrossBlue Coupe Concept – a ‘Sporty’ version of the CrossBlue at Detroit. Volkswagen are heading to the Shanghai Motor Show with a new SUV concept as car makers strive to satisfy car buyer’s lust for rugged cars to prowl the urban […]

New VW Golf GTD: Price from £25,285

Photo Volkswagen Gold GTD Mk 7

The new Golf GTD Mk 7 arrived at the Geneva Motor Show last month and has now gone on sale in the UK, priced from £25,285. Now the UK has followed the lead of Europe and decided diesel cars are a must-have (despite that fact that for most who do average mileage the opposite is […]

New VW Golf GTI: Price from £25,845

Photo New VW Golf GTI UK

Volkswagen has revealed that the 2013 Golf GTI MK 7 will cost from £25,845 – £195 up on the old GTI – with the GTi Performance from £26,825. We revealed the 2013 VW Golf GTI back in September and now, after a debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March, it’s ready to go on sale in […]

VW Polo R-Line Style & more equipment across Polo range

VW Polo R-Line Style Photo

Volkswagen has introduced the VW Polo R-Line Style – price from £11,740 – in the UK and added more equipment across the Polo range for 2013. We though that VW had done the R-Line thing with the launch of the Polo R-Line this time last year, but it seems the bean counters at Volkswagen have worked out […]

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