September 17, 2014


New Volvo Polestar teased. Is it a proper V60 Polestar? (video)

Photo Volvo Polestar tease

Volvo tuners Polestar are teasing a new Volvo Polestar concept for reveal this month. Is it a 508bhp version of the Volvo V60 Estate? Last summer, Volvo came out of the woodwork with a proper performance version of the S60 saloon which had been fettled by Polestar and was good for 508bhp. That hot S60 […]

Volvo S60 Long Wheelbase (S60L) goes in to production

Photo Volvo S60 Long Wheelbase (S60L) goes in to production

Volvo has started production of a long wheelbase S60 – the Volvo S60L – in China. Debuts at the Guangzhou Motor Show. Volvo certainly seems to be on the up at the moment, with new cars like the new V40 challenging established premium compacts and a complete new engine range in the offing. That is, to […]

Volvo consign normal car batteries to the history book

Photo Volvo Nano Battery

Volvo has developed a new concept for storing electrical power in a car using car body panels instead of a battery. As our cars become more and more reliant on power from batteries – either to run the multitude of technology or to provide power for electric motors – the cost and size of the […]

Volvo WILL build a luxury car to take on the Mercedes S-Class

Photo Volvo Concept YTou

Despite previously saying they won’t build a high-end luxury car, Volvo Chairman Li Shufu has said such a car is now in the planning. Volvo has done a lot right – and not much wrong – since Geely took over the reigns from Ford. With new cars like the V40, a new range of 4-cylinder engines […]

Volvo Concept Coupe looks terrific: Frankfurt 2013

Photo Volvo Concept Coupe Frankfurt

The Volvo Concept Coupe – a 21st century take on the iconic P1800 – is revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show as a stunning new Volvo. It’s only two weeks since Volvo revealed their concept coupe, and we’ve been looking forward to seeing it in the flesh at Frankfurt and see if it looks as […]

Volvo Concept Coupe IS a modern Volvo P1800

Photo Volvo Concept Coupe

The Volvo Concept coupé – revealed this morning – and heading for the Frankfurt Motor Show is a modern day P1800 with 4WD and 395bhp. A few days ago we had a tease video of a new Volvo Coupe concept which we though could turn out to be Volvo’s modern take on the P1800. And […]

New Volvo tease for Frankfurt – is it a modern P1800 Coupe? (video)

New Volvo tease for Frankfurt

Volvo has released a teaser video for a new car at the Frankfurt motor Show promising a more dramatic style. Is this a modern Volvo P1800. We really didn’t have anything completely new and radical on the radar from Volvo for the Frankfurt Motor Show next month, but if this teaser video from Volvo is […]

Volvo’s new engine range revealed – and there’s just 2 of ‘em!

Photo Volvo Drive-E Engines

The new Volvo Engine Architecture range of Volvo engines – now called DRIVE-E – has been revealed, and there’s just one 2.0 litre petrol and one 2.0 litre diesel. It’s a bit hard to get your head round the idea that a major car maker could offer the option of just two engines across its […]

Volvo City Safe means lower insurance preniums for Volvo drivers

Photo Volvo City Safe

Volvo has revealed that their City safe autonomous braking system works so well that insurance premiums for Volvos fitted with City Safe are falling. Volvo are on a mission to ensure that no one dies or is seriously injured in a Volvo by 2020, and that means more and more clever technology to protect Volvo […]

2014 Volvo XC90 to get a raft of new safety technology

Photo of 2014 Volvo XC90

Volvo has revealed the 2014/2015 XC90 Crossover/SUV will come with a raft of new safety technology including animal detection and autonomous parking. We know that the Volvo XC90 will be replaced (finally) next year with a new XC90 using Volvo’s new SPA platform and powered by their new range of 4-cylinder, high efficiency engines. We’ve […]

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